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If you’re ready to truly nourish yourself and reclaim your energy, time, and sanity, the plant-based meal delivery service, Sakara, is the answer you’ve been searching for.

After six weekends of travel, I found myself back at home, utterly exhausted and all out of sorts. I was swollen, bloated, cranky, and my skin wasn’t looking so hot. Usually, I’d haul myself to the grocery store and make a half-assed attempt at getting my life back in order, still feeling like I was missing something. This time around was different. This time I allowed myself to be taken care of, to turn off the stove, and to let someone do the hard work for me.

After hemming and hawing (and stalking their website), I did it. I ordered a five-day program from Sakara and waited for my life to change. It did. You’ll find a special promo code at the bottom of this page so your life can start to change, too.

Something to note, this meal-delivery program is completely plant-based. I already don’t eat a lot of meat, so this way of eating wasn’t a super hard transition for me. For some avid meat-eaters, your experiences might be slightly different than mine, but what a cool potential opportunity to see how your body thrives on a program like Sakara!

Sakara Review: Blue Majick Mylk With Granola
Blue Majik Mylk With Granola


As of this update, our wedding is just around the corner! To help ease the stress that sometimes comes along with planning a wedding, Sakara graciously sent me their Bride Program to support me until our I do’s.

I’m so excited about this program because I am not the type of person to get caught up in the “perfect wedding body”. That unrealistic goal causes me, and many other women, too much unnecessary stress, as well it is so straining and exhausting for our bodies. Honestly, I just want to feel good, and to me, that means my digestive system is on-point, my skin is glowing, and I feel confident and strong in my body.

Also, I’ve gotten a few questions about Sakara and their plan for sustainability.

I took that question to corporate and was so pleased to find out that Sakara has updated all of their packaging! Now, every meal you receive is in a gorgeous plastic container that’s made out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. What’s even better is that Sakara’s packaging can then go on to have another life.

If you look closely at the new packaging, you’ll also notice that the paper sleeve with meal information has been removed. Instead, all of the pertinent details are found on a sticker on the top lid. Pretty awesome, huh?

Photos coming soon!

The Sakara Bride Program includes:

  • 20 days of Sakara’s signature meal program – always organic, naturally gluten-free, and packed with superfoods designed to make your gut sing and your skin glow
  • Daily detox teas that are perfect for curbing your late-night sweet tooth
  • Skin-nourishing rose-infused beauty water concentrate
  • Cleansing detox water concentrate with chlorophyll and trace minerals
  • A collection of natural beauty and wellness products to help you get ready for the big day
Sakara Review Bride Program


Aside from the obvious – convenient, healthy, organic, and delicious meals dropped at your doorstep – there are other so many unexpected qualities to love about living (and loving) the Sakara Life.

sakara meals plated for delivery


…because you’ll enjoy eating these naturally gluten-free options!

Look, I get it. Carbs have gotten a bad rap the past year or so. Some people swear them off altogether, and that’s great! Every single body is different and I love when people can find the way of eating that makes their own body run like a finely-tuned machine. My body likes complex carbohydrates and I’ve found I require them for the life I live. Like, I become a ravenous, exhausted bitch when I don’t have enough.

The first thing I noticed about the plant-based meals delivered from Sakara Life was that there was no shortage of high-quality, gluten-free, complex carbohydrates. I’m talking couscous, millet, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, and more. And no, I know what you’re thinking, I didn’t gain weight. Instead, I felt nourished and my body was humming along nicely with each and every meal I ate. My digestion improved and my clothes actually fit better.

French Onion Soup from Sakara


…because we don’t worry about calories while living the Sakara Life

This program doesn’t restrict you to just the meals delivered to your door. If you’re hungry in between meals, drink some detox tea, have a serving of fresh fruit or veggies, or try out some yummy snacks found in the Clean Boutique.

Also, unlike some other cleanse programs, there are no portion control containers, and you’ll feel no shame in listening to your hunger cues. In fact, tuning into what your body is communicating to you is a big ol’ perk of this program, because when you’re not focused on what to cook for your next meal, you have more time to actually feel how the food you eat affects your entire system.

At the end of the day, we’re more focused on nutrient density instead of counting calories, and nourishing with the good instead of banishing the bad.

Sakara Energy and Detox Bars


…I mean so is everything about this plant-based eating program.

Okay, call me crazy, but there is something so satisfying about opening up a box filled with perfectly labeled and meticulously packaged goodies. I’m talking about a pouch filled with palo santo, detox teas, and a guide to living the Saraka Life. I’m talking about meals labeled, not with nutritional information, but about the highlighted superfood in each meal and the full list of high-quality ingredients. What a breath of fresh air, seriously. If they’re taking this much care of their packaging, I can’t even imagine the tenacity with which the food I’m eating is selected.

The food itself is gorgeous (and delicious), and when what we are eating actually looks good, we take longer to enjoy it. We linger. We taste. We are thankful for every single bite.

Sakara Food & Packaging
sakara zen muffin


It wouldn’t be a thorough Sakara review without answering this question so let me say, Hell-to-the-yes. In fact, whenever I find myself buying something I don’t need, I repeat this in my head, “Carley, do you actually need this random thing? You know, you could get a three-day program from Sakara instead.” 

Some of my favorite Sakara meals have included: blue majik mylk with granola, Phuket rice bowl with lemongrass curry, beet burger with sprouted grain buns, Sakara AB&J, and shiitake cobb topped with cashew ranch. Just to name a few!

At the end of my five days living the #SakaraLife, my bloating was a thing of the past, my digestion improved, and my clothes fit better in all the right places. My skin was glowing and my dark circles started to fade (which is a miracle in and of itself). Bigger than the physical changes, I felt taken care of. I felt nourished, more grounded, and a hell of a lot less stressed. And for that, I am so thankful.

Shitake Cobb With Cashew Ranch from Sakara
Shitake Cobb With Cashew Ranch


Pricing for your cleanse program can vary based on a few factors:

  • the amount of days you choose for your cleanse
  • the number of meals you choose to order for each day
  • and whether or not you’re a part of their subscription plan!
  • your zip code

Ready to get started? Check out program pricing based on your zip code, plus there’s a little deal for you below! Make sure to enter the code exactly as it’s written.

sakara discount code


Save 15% on your first sakara meal delivery program.

For a 3-day program, you’ll save $38.25.

For a 5-day program, you’ll save $66.



Carley Schweet once worked in the corporate fashion world of New York City, spending her workdays people pleasing and her nights and weekends reeling with sleepless anxiety.

Over time, she realized her stress arose from being afraid to say No —whether out of reluctance to hurt others’ feelings or due to her crippling anxiety and lack of self-care. She then quit her corporate job and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Today, she is a self-care coach and author of the book Boundaries with Soul.