Carley Schweet once worked in the intense corporate world of New York City, spending her workdays people pleasing and her nights and weekends reeling with sleepless anxiety. She struggled with low self-worth and poor relationships. Worn down and tired, she experienced a life event that triggered a change within, and she began setting aside an hour a day just for herself.

Over the next two and a half years, she went through a process of personal transformation. She realized her issues arose from being afraid to say no—whether out of reluctance to hurt others’ feelings or due to her own crippling anxiety.

So, she quit her corporate job, enrolling at and subsequently graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Today, she is a mindfulness-based life coach and natural wellness consultant living just outside of Seattle, Washington.


* It’s never too late to start
* That No is a complete sentence
* You have a right to an enthusiastic and empowered Yes
* There’s nothing more healing than a good laugh (or cry)
* In the power of a really good slice of pizza and a glass of red wine
* Your soul holds the secrets and, ultimately, knows what’s best
* That every situation has energy, negative or positive, and it’s up to you what you allow in
* Our bodies are our greatest ally, let’s treat it as such
* That who you truly are is already within


* In self-depriving restriction of any kind: what we eat, the expression of our feelings, or how we love
* That anyone has power over your emotions because you are the master of what you feel
* In perfection
* That everyone has to like you
* You’re not able to change your life (I did it!)
* That self-care is selfish or unnecessary