Weddings can be an extremely stressful time for a variety of reasons. To help me feel like my best self, I did the Sakara Bridal Program for 20 days leading up to the big day. Here’s what happened…


If you’re familiar with Sakara’s signature meal delivery, the Bride program is essentially an extended version. Upon committing to the program, I signed up to receive 20 days of freshly prepared plant-based meals, all organic and delivered right to my door.

When my first box arrived, I was so excited to discover my meals included extra support tools:

As I’d come to discover, this first box essentially contained pretty much everything you need to care for yourself during one of the most stressful times of your life.

I could feel my stress start to melt away.

Update: when you order the Sakara Bride Program as of November 2020, you’ll receive the below Bride Prep Kit in addition to your meals:


It was mid-June 2018, and I was fresh off my five-day bachelorette party in Los Angeles. I was feeling all kinds of bloated, exhausted, and truthfully, a little bit nervous about our upcoming nuptials on August 4th.

To be clear, I wasn’t feeling the nerves due to the thought of marrying my fiance, more along the lines of, “How am I going to feel like my absolute best self – confident, glowing, and the perfect balance of sexy – in such a short amount of time?” 

To be completely transparent with you, about four years ago, I was the type of person that would weigh herself every morning. The number on the scale would dictate how my entire day went, and sometimes, those little digits would create some negative self-talk on my end.

Thankfully, I caught myself in this pattern and quickly ditched my scale and opted for an intuitive way of eating – one that nourishes my body, allows me to indulge when I desire, and makes me feel incredible. I have Sakara to thank for that, even four years ago.

For a lot of brides-to-be, the reality of the situation is that as soon as we’re engaged, the wedding industry starts to tell us that our bodies need to be thinner and tanner, and our teeth need to become an impossible shade of white.

This added pressure, on top of everything already swirling through our brains, can be a lot to handle and navigate healthily and constructively.

So, here I was. Stuck in the middle of feeling like crap post-bachelorette, working diligently to stay true to my beliefs around food, and also trying to avoid the scrambled-egg diet one of my friends made up the week before her wedding.

What’s a girl to do?

That’s where the four-week-long Sakara Bride Program came in and saved the day. Well, the entire month, really.

Pasta Primaverde


My intentions with starting the Sakara Bride program were not diet-related. I didn’t want to lose weight; instead, I wanted to tone up and feel less inflamed from the copious amounts of Casamigos consumed on my bachelorette weekend.

I had my final dress fitting back in February because I knew that I wouldn’t be dropping extreme amounts of weight or changing my body in any significant way.

When it came to my “pre-wedding plan,” I wanted to nourish myself without restriction (again, I had no intentions to go on that weird egg diet), and without the external pressure to become the “perfect bride.” I just wanted to feel like me, but a joyful and glowing version of me – radiant skin, on-point digestion, and boundless energy included.

And to be completely transparent, I also didn’t want to have to think about what to eat or how I was going to prepare it. Knowing that Sakara’s meals deliver a personal chef and a nutritionist all in one box, I didn’t hesitate to dig in.

Rice and Miso Salad


After the first seven days, I had a significant takeaway – this program took away a lot of stress I didn’t even realize I was carrying around food. The time it takes to figure out what to eat and then shop, prep, eat and clean up was a lot more of a commitment than I remembered. Sakara was saving me at least an hour a day by having my meals ready to go in the fridge.

With everything prepped and ready to eat, I had more time to focus on myself (hello, self-care!) and the other tasks I needed to cross off my to-do list before our pending nuptials.

Also, I’m not going to lie, my first thought upon waking up was solely focused on noshing on a delicious breakfast waiting for me in the fridge.

My favorite meals:

  • Cooling Cashew Vermicelli with Pink Probiotic Dressing
  • Yoga Bunny Breakfast
  • Roasted Peach Chana Masala with Coconut-Basil Quinoa and Mint Chutney
Plant Based Mac And Cheese


By this point, I’m am so excited because I still have two more weeks left of the program and I’m practically giddy with the thought of more Sakara meals coming my way.

I also had some major and unexpected takeaways during this time.

Pre-Sakara, I simply wasn’t eating enough, especially when it came to the leafy greens department.

What I thought was an adequate amount of food wasn’t providing enough nourishment, leaving me with late-night sugar cravings.

Thanks to Sakara, those sugar cravings were no longer a part of my life. Instead, the fresh fruit and natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, and coconut sugar, paired with fiber and plant-based protein, were enough to leave me feeling satiated. Sugar, my stress-induced crutch, no longer haunted my post-dinner thoughts.

Also, I started to notice that my skin was glowing more than usual. It had changed so much to the point people were asking me about my skincare routine and were shocked to hear that the only change was the food I was eating.

My favorite meals:

  • Avo-Cacao Probiotic Pudding with Lavender Tea Biscuit
  • Prosperity Pad Thai with Kelp Noodles and Sesame Dressing
  • Middle Eastern Bowl with Preserved Lemon Hummus


By the final week I felt like a million bucks and some change. I sincerely couldn’t believe just how incredible I was feeling. It was if I was glowing from the inside out.

Since our wedding was just two weeks away at this point, I needed to make sure that my wedding dress still fit. My favorite pair of jeans were looser around my mid-section, and I had a feeling I’d be calling in for one last fitting.

And I was right.

My dress was about a half-size too big around my waist – the area I tend to hold stress and excess sugar – and it was a total wake-up call to me just how much the late-night sugar (even if it was gluten-free and dairy-free) slowly affected my body.

At the end of the program, I realized that what you’re eating is so much more important than how much you’re eating when it comes to making physical changes in your body. I know that not all calories are created equally, but Sakara truly put this into perspective for me, and the way I felt and looked in my wedding dress was evidence of that.

My favorite meals:

  • Sakara ‘Grilled Cheese’ with Roasted Root Veggies and Rustic Tomato Soup
  • Indian Summer Salad with Coconut Collagen Dressing
  • Sweet Thai Oatmeal with Juicy Mango and Kaffir Coconut Milk


I am genuinely grateful for a company like Sakara. A company that puts overall health and wellness first, not a way to lose weight quickly and gain it all back the moment you “go off track.”

While eating my way through the Bridal Program, I felt like I was nourishing the best possible version of myself.

When you’re a bride-to-be, it’s easy to feel like you have stress coming from every facet of your life. Opening the fridge to find my Sakara meals was the best gift I could have given to myself during the weeks leading up to our wedding. I learned more lessons about my self and had insights I never expected.

On the day of our wedding, I felt so calm and confident. A close friend commented on how she needed to borrow some of my chill vibes.

I didn’t feel a lot of the pre-wedding jitters as I slowly sipped on my water dosed with the Sakara Beauty drops because I had done the work – nourished myself through food, took time off, and created healthy boundaries – beforehand to get me to this point of zen.

Truthfully, slipping into my wedding dress made me feel like the sexiest and luckiest woman alive.

The proof is in the Avo-Cacao Probiotic Pudding, ladies.


All wedding image credit: Ryan Flynn Photography