What You Should Know: Essential Oils for Beginners

If it seems like essential oils are all the rage these days, that’s because they are. Discover everything you need to know about the power of essential oils for beginners.

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Episode 025 | September 24, 2019

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Like most popular wellness products, there are some important things to know about essential oils including where to (safely) purchase, how to use, and when to use them.

This week’s episode covers everything you need to know about getting started with essential oils for beginners. Also, you’ll learn how incorporating certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils into your home and wellness routine can save you time, money, and unwanted health issues.

Topics covered

Why  use essential oils? | 1:42

Buying quality essential oils | 3:23

What are essential oils? | 7:04

How you can use essential oils | 8:34

The doTERRA difference | 13:52

Are doTERRA oils organic? | 17:48

Are essential oils a trend or something bigger? | 20:26


Discovered the power of DoTERRA

Are you interested in learning more about the only essential oils I use and trust?

Learn more about doTERRA and discover the positive impact their essential oils can have on you, your community, and the farmers who provide us with these miraculous oils.

Co-Impact Sourcing: read more about the power of co-impact sourcing and hear about my trip experience to Guatemala to learn more about the sourcing process and to support the cardamom farmers.

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Essential oils resources

Check out the below list of resources about essential oil for beginners:

Essential Oils for Anxious Feelings

The Best Essential Oils for Irritated Skin

Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps + PMS

The Most Important Essential Oils to Have

Building Boundaries with Essential Oils

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