Building Boundaries with Essential Oils

I believe that boundaries are the ultimate form of self-care. When you love yourself first and build healthy limits, you allow yourself the loving act of saying No to people and situations that no longer serve you. You also allow yourself to stay true to your word and honor what you’ve committed to.

You may find it difficult to set healthy boundaries, as you might find yourself feeling guilty or anxious, and they tend to neglect them altogether.

Essential oils can help. From renewing our spirit and mind to protecting our precious energy, there’s an essential oil for your every need along this boundary-building journey. Check out my top five favorites below.

Information about the emotional components of each oil comes from a favorite book of mine, Emotions & Essential Oils. Also, if you’re interested in learning about setting boundaries in general, you can read more about this topic in my book, Boundaries with Soul.

1. Basil, the oil of renewal

Basil is said to help clear the heart and mind, relieving sadness and renewing your mind and body with a loving vibration. Basil is known to help with feelings of fatigue, low energy, overwhelm, and the inability to cope with stress.

When to use basil

Turn to basil you’re feeling nervous or anxious, especially when it comes to initiating the act of setting healthy boundaries in the home, workplace, or throughout the stressful holiday season.

How to use basil

Apply a few drops to your heart when faced with situations where you’re nervous about setting boundaries or feel anxious over a boundary that might be getting violated.
Inhale directly from the bottle if you find yourself in a challenging conversation and are quickly losing the trust in yourself.

2. Rosemary, the oil of transition

Rosemary is the perfect choice for protection against negative energy (think: exhausting relatives, grumpy travelers, or unhappy children) and helps to energize the nervous system while uplifting your natural spirit.

This strong oil is a support tool to help you realize your value and stay secure within your boundaries, so you don’t lose yourself in others.

When to use rosemary

Turn to rosemary when you need protection from someone else’s negative energy (remember, that is not yours to carry) or an extra dose of confidence when telling someone “no.” Rosemary is also perfect for when you need a gentle reminder of the value you hold within.

How to use rosemary

Apply a few drops to each temple to aid in mental clarity and confidence when building boundaries or making decisions.

3. Melaleuca, the oil of energetic boundaries

Disinfectant by nature, Melaleuca (also known as Tea Tree oil), can clear negative energetic baggage caused by individual relationships. These relationships come in many forms – people, microorganisms in the physical body, or spiritual beings – and can drain our energy through energy leakage. This oil helps to break the negative ties in these parasitic relationships so that new, healthy boundaries may be formed.

Melaleuca “encourages an individual to relinquish all forms of self-betrayal, including allowing others to take advantage of one’s time, energy, or talents; letting others feed on one’s energy; not standing up for oneself, or feeling responsible for the problems of others.” (Emotions & Essential Oils)

When to use melaleuca

Turn to melaleuca when you’re feeling energetically drained of life force and energy. Or when a relationship has become one-sided and lacks energetic boundaries.

How to use melaleuca

Place a drop on each foot to help you stay grounded throughout the day.
Inhale deeply before bed to rest and encourage healing sleep that you crave.

4. Frankincense, the oil of truth

Frankincense shields the body and soul from negative influences and assists the soul in evolution. This powerful oil invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, lies, negativity, and deceptions and create new perspectives based on light and truth. Simultaneously, Frankincense reminds individuals that they are loved and protected, further strengthening the innermost self and what you truly value to light.

When to use frankincense

Frankincense is a great oil to use when you are feeling completely exhausted and/or needing to put your “shield” up. By doing so, you are assisting in protecting your presence of mind and energy.

How to use frankincense

Place a few drops over your heart to encourage protection and higher energy.

Diffuse throughout the day.

5. On Guard®, the oil of protection

This unique blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary is incredibly helpful for strengthening the inner self, especially for those that have a weakened boundary due to a violation of their personal space. This unique blend gives individuals the strength to say “no” to people or situations that are not serving them and maintain their clear boundaries.

This blend is also fantastic for strengthening our immunity shield against bacteria, mold, and unwanted bacteria or pathogens.

When to use On Guard

Turn to this blend in times you need to stand up for your true self. On Guard® is also a great choice when needed to cut out codependency, parasitic relationships, or difficult times, frequently found with boundary violation.

How to use On Guard

Place a drop on each foot to help you stay guarded throughout the day.

Looking at emotions and essential oils

Did you know that every essential oil carries an emotional component? The Emotions & Essential Oils book and wheel are incredible tools to help you unlock the potential emotional support each oil carries. I highly recommend it for your oil journey!



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