14 Self-Care Habits of Confident + Successful Women

Being a confident and successful woman doesn’t always happen overnight. It takes time, energy, and practice. Here are 14 habits centered around self-care for women.

Finding success – no matter how you define it – comes with a massive list of tasks and commitments. Often, taking care of yourself can begin to fall to the bottom of your to-do list, leaving you feeling burnt out and resentful.

Are you curious about how to better yourself as a woman? Or maybe you’re looking for inspiration in the new year?

In this post, I’m sharing all about 14 habits that confident and successful women all have in common.

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What are self-care habits?

According to Merriam-Webster, a habit is defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

So how do self-care habits differ from taking a bubble bath or getting a spontaneous massage? These self-care habits are practices that are part of your life on a habitual basis. They empower you to be the best version of yourself and challenge you to grow in ways you never imagined.

How do you start a new habit?

Well, first, you have to commit to building habits. Studies say it takes around 21 days to create a new habit, so committing to yourself is imperative.

It’s also important to remain patient and don’t throw in the towel the first day your habit-building goes off track. Dust yourself off and try again without being too hard on yourself.

14 self-care habits of successful women

1. She is careful with her energy

A successful and confident woman is aware of who she is and who she surrounds herself with. She is habitually making sure that she is aligning herself with people who possess the qualities she admires and knows what to do when people don’t respect her boundaries.

2. She is responsible with her time

Having a plan and staying organized is a major secret to her success. She is fully present with each task she commits time to and, in turn, finds herself more productive.

How to better yourself as a woman

2. She knows when to press pause

Her productive nature doesn’t go without a break. Successful and confident women know when to take a break and don’t feel bad practicing self-care. In fact, she knows that self-care is not selfish and is a necessary means for happiness.

4. She has a holistic self-care routine

And it’s focused on making sure that her emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are constantly being cared for. She knows that self-care is not only manicures and brownies, rather it’s rooted in transformational moments of care.

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5. She moves her body

Whether it’s a dedicated workout routine or a simple stretch, it’s a habit of hers to move her body at least thirty minutes a day. In return, she has improved energy and simply feels better.

6. She selects nourishing food

She knows that confidence starts with the food she chooses to eat. No, not because she wants to lose weight, but rather because she knows that gut health directly impacts mental health. At mealtime, she is looking to add in as many vegetables and healthy fats as possible.

7. …and isn’t afraid to live a little

Indulging in life’s pleasures doesn’t intimidate her. In fact, she has created an entire mindset around enjoying the food she wants without guilt and always comes back to habit number six.

8. She drinks a lot of water

Much like habit number 6 and 7, she knows that a healthy life includes consuming enough water. She aims for 65-80 oz. per day and even carries around a bottle to remind herself to drink more and keep her body feeling hydrated.

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9. She knows when to disconnect

A confident and successful woman knows when it’s time to disconnect from technology. She knows when it’s time to put down her phone and routinely keeps her digital life outside of her bedroom. The gnawing anxiety that comes with disconnecting no longer dictates her actions.

10. She maintains a sense of curiosity

She’s made it a habit to ask questions and remain curious about life. If she doesn’t understand something, she’s not afraid to speak up and ask for clarification.

11. She has hobbies that fulfill her

Whether it’s reading a new book or traveling around the world, she prioritizes taking time to enjoy hobbies that bring her life joy. She knows that any time spent on herself will bring happiness right back.

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12. She has a healthy mindset

Much like her eating habits, she knows that overall health requires a balance. She is focused on creating a healthy mindset, one that balances both adding things in and also removing necessary things from her life.

12. She creates a peaceful home

After a long day, she values coming home to a peaceful environment. In fact, it’s become a habit of hers to continually create a peaceful home. She starts this by making sure to make her bed each morning and hires support for other household chores if needed.

14. She chooses natural options over toxic ones

She knows that not everything is solved with an over-the-counter solution. This confident and successful woman has tapped into the healing powers of natural solutions and knows how to trust her intuition regarding what her body needs to heal.

Also, she’s committed to educating herself about non-toxic options, especially when it comes to her beauty products.

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She wants to create an empowering self-care practice

Learning how to take care of yourself as a woman requires creating self-care habits. As you go along your journey, it’s important to remember that a true self-care practice is always growing and evolving.

Also, the habits I listed are simply ideas, and it’s not required to develop or stick to all of them. Pick a few that feel approachable and start there. Be patient with yourself as you create these new self-care habits, but I’m warning you: they might change your life.

self care habits for women
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