Life as a Recovering People-Pleaser

A look inside my people-pleasing journey and what my life looks like today.

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Episode 61 | October 6, 2020

What’s new this week

For many years I lived my life for others. I was constantly trying to “be a good person” and “do the right thing,” all at my own expense. I became burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the lack of support in my life. With a few major ah-ha moments and steady application of a few personal development tools, I began on my path as a recovering people pleaser. Listen in to learn more about what my life looks like today.

Topics Covered:

What is a people pleaser? | 1:02

How do you become a people pleaser? | 7:56

My life as a people pleaser | 11:05

Common signs of people pleasing | 15:29

Things that are my, yours and the universes business | 18:21

Life now as a recovering people pleaser | 20:33

The rules changed with pregnancy | 24:04

Taking your power back; your tool kit | 27:58

Additional Resources:

Curious to learn more about people-pleasing and the path to recovery? Check out the below resources!

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