Your COVID-19 Postpartum Self-Care Plan

Postpartum is tough, but navigating postpartum during a global pandemic? That can feel crazy difficult. Here are some tips to help you.

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Episode 55 | August 11, 2020

What’s new this week

Chances are, the postpartum period that you planned for is nothing like what’s actually happening. There are minimal family visits, leaving the house feels extremely overwhelming, and many of your go-to places are (probably) closed for business.

All of these roadblocks aside, there is still potential for creating a self-care plan that is supportive and encouraging for you during this time. It may take some creativity, flexibility, and curiosity on your end, but caring for your needs is critical, especially as a new mother. Listen in to learn more about your postpartum self-care plan during COVID-19.

Topics Covered:

Caring for Yourself in a Completely New Way | 6:38

Assess Your Most Urgent Need | 11:18

Create a Game Plan & Get Creative | 14:46

Negative Self-Talk | 19:27

Feeling 2 Things at Once | 22:27

Additional Resources:

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