Making time for skin care everyday is not easy. How do you even start figuring out a routine that actually works for you? People have asked my what I do for my skin care routine. Well, here it is: every detail about my skin care routine steps!

Throughout my early twenties I struggled with chronic dry skin. The kind that would produce noticeable itchy patches on my eyelids and on my cheeks which would always leave me feeling self-conscious and a little less confident.

Something to note, I’ve never had the type of skin to breakout on my face. I’ll get a pimple or two around the time of my period, but I tend to break out more often on my back and chest, especially since I decided to ditch hormonal birth control for more natural options, like the Daysy fertility monitor.

skin care routine

Starting a regular skin care routine has not only drastically improved my skin, but it has empowered me to carve out just a few minutes a day dedicated to no one but me. In a world that feels so busy and packed full, a simple skin care routine can feel grounding and so nourishing. It’s almost like a mini trip to the spa every morning and night!

If you’re ready to create a simple and natural skin care routine of your own – keep reading! I’ve filled this post with all of the details of my daily – morning, noon, and night – skincare routines. I’m also sharing my glowing skin secrets and why these simple steps can give your skin that hydrated, beautiful, and healthy glow.

Skin Care Routine Steps

Before I spill all of my secrets, it’s important for me to share that I believe healthy, glowing skin begins in the gut. That means, the food you eat and how you nourish your gut will directly impact your skin!

Okay, onward…


Not only will a morning skin care routine provide physical benefits, it’s also a beautiful way to ease into your day without feeling too stressed or overwhelmed. I try really hard to keep my phone on the nightstand during my morning skincare routine so I stay focused on taking care of myself and not my email inbox.

daily skincare routine
glowing skincare routine


Rise and shine, sweetheart!

The first step in my daily skin care routine is drink 12 oz. of water upon waking. I try to keep a glass on my nightstand so I can knock this step off my list before I even get out of bed.

Drinking water is such an important step in how to get glowing skin naturally. Keeping hydrated allows the body to flush out toxins from the body, instead of them accumulating elsewhere in our body – like under our skin or in fat cells. Also, proper hydration can lead to a decrease in the appearance of fine lines.

Personally, I aim to drink 90-100 ounces of water each and every day. To make it easier for me, I use a big water bottle (I love my S’well) that keeps my filtered water cold and refreshing.


Once I’m in the bathroom, I apply my Get Up and Glow facial oil blend. This lightweight essential oil and jojoba oil blend is perfect for encouraging cellular regeneration (thanks to frankincense), balancing oil production for both combination and dry skin (hello, ylang-ylang and geranium) and decreasing inflammation (copaiba has your back on this).

Why jojoba oil? Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) is super hydrating for the long-run without being greasy. Also, it has great anti-aging benefits and can possibly increase skin’s suppleness. Honestly, it makes my skin so dang smooth.

Each rollerball will last you about a month and you can refill as needed from your essential oil bottles, which will last 6-12 months. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Get Up and Glow Recipe

Simply add all ingredients to a rollerball or dropper bottle and shake before use.

It’s important to note that not all oils are created equal as they are not regulated by the FDA. I only trust doTERRA essential oils as my daily essential oil brand because they’re third-party tested for purity and go above and beyond organic.

skincare routine


I use my trusty jade roller to smooth the facial oil into my skin. Check out the proper jade rolling technique to get the most benefits!

Jade rolling is an ancient Chinese practice that encourages natural drainage of the lymphatic system through self-massage. In turn, you’re left with increased circulation which can give skin that beautiful glow. Also, it feels so good if your jade roller is cold (keep it in the fridge if you can!) and helps any puffiness go down in just a few minutes.


Once I’ve rolled over my face, neck, and chest, I apply doTERRA’s anti-aging eye cream. This is another skincare product I like to keep in the fridge because the stainless steel applicator ball can help decrease dark circles and puffiness.

The eye cream itself is a proprietary blend of essential oils designed to reduce the signs of aging improve the color of dark circles.


A quick spritz of either my pure Heritage Store Rosewater Spray or Herbivore’s Rose and Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist gives my skin an extra hydrating and anti-inflammatory boost. There’s something so soothing about both of these, and which one I use depends on how dry my skin is feeling. Usually I opt for the pure rosewater spray, plus the price-point is more approachable and realistic for daily use.


Dry brush, baby! To be honest, I hated dry brushing at first. I thought it hurt and it was awkward and uncomfortable. Now, it’s like my skin craves it on a daily basis. I’ve seen an improvement of my pesky back-of-leg cellulite, my annoying Keratosis Pilaris has calmed down, and it’s oddly satisfying to watch all of the dead skin flake away. Dry brushing is now one of my favorite moments in the morning.

It’s important to note that you should dry brush in long strokes towards your heart, all while standing in the shower but with the water off.

benefits of dry brushing

This is to keep two things from happening:

1. dead skin frosting every surface in your bathroom and
2. your brush from molding. #luxelife


Rinse off in the shower using cool water to further stimulate your lymphatic system and encourage circulation. Also, you’ll wash all those dead skin cells down the drain.


Layer on Herbivore body oil (I love the Jasmine and Coconut) to seal in moisture. This oil is amazing because it’s light enough to not feel greasy but has enough umph to leave your skin feeling hydrated.


I didn’t really want to talk about makeup in this post, but it’s important to note that I do wear SPF each and every day in my tinted moisturizer – no matter how sunny or cloudy it is outside. I use Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Tinte daily which has an SPF 30 and gives my skin this light and dewy glow and provides sun-protection benefits.


You might be surprised to find out that skin care continues out of the bathroom and into your entire day! Some of the most important steps to glowing skin occur outside of the morning and evening hours.


Continue to drink a lot of fresh, filtered water and avoid coffee as much as you can. Ever since I cut out coffee over two years ago, my skin has greatly improved in terms of how hydrated it appears.

Personally, I try to go above and beyond and aim for 90-100 oz. per day, but you can use this handy water intake chart to determine a good starting point for your body.


Make sure to reapply sunscreen as needed! I love to use this convenient mineral powder that has SPF 50 and give my face a light dusting before I head outside or as needed.


Taking high-quality supplements daily helps in more ways than one. The doTERRA LLV supplements I take help to: lower inflammation, improve gut-health, encourage detoxification, provide essential fatty acids, and more.

I also take a daily pre- and pro-biotic from doTERRA called PB Assist to encourage gut health. As I mentioned above, glowing skin starts in the gut and this entire step is one that cannot be missed if you’re looking for a natural skin care routine.


Eat your leafy greens, and then eat them again. Throughout the day, I am constantly noshing on as many green vegetables as I possibly can. Personally, I aim for four to five cups per day, but everyone’s body is different! Start where you can with what you have.

If the thought of cooking vegetables that taste good and are enjoyable overwhelms you, check out my Sakara Life review. Sakara is a meal delivery service that specializes in helping women reclaim their health and wellness through organic, plant-based, naturally gluten-free meals. It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed.


Easing into bedtime with a nightly skin care routine allows me to unwind and disconnect from my day. I now love getting ready for bed and I used to be the girl that left her makeup on overnight without thinking twice.


I rinse away the makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day with my doTERRA facial cleanser. I’m obsessed with this cleanser because it contains natural cleansers – yucca root extract and soapbark extract – to rid skin of any impurities, as well as vitamin E, macadamia seed oil, and melaleuca and peppermint essential oils.


Apply Rest and Restore facial oil to face and neck. This blend is a powerhouse for reducing inflammation (thanks to copaiba and blue tansy – a powerful flower from Morocco), encouraging cellular regeneration (frankincense can help to diminish age spots and even skin tone), and balance oil production (ylang-ylang).

Rest and Restore Recipe

Simply add all ingredients to a rollerball or dropper bottle and shake before use.


Roll in oil with a jade roller (same as in my morning skin care routine), paying extra attention to the neck and décolletage. This helps to seal in the oils and encourages your pores to close up.

skin care routine steps


Like my morning skin care routine, I apply doTERRA’s anti-aging eye cream to encourage the diminishing of fine lines while I snooze.


Another quick spritz of rosewater – either my pure Heritage Store Rosewater Spray or Herbivore’s Rose and Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist – to give my skin an extra hydrating and anti-inflammatory boost before I tuck in for the evening. It also smells so good.


Layer on Herbivore body oil (I love the Jasmine and Coconut) to seal in moisture. I’m the type of person that can’t go to bed without lotion of some kind, and this oil surely does the job for me. I wake up with super smooth skin (my daily dry brushing deserves a major thanks for this!) and my skin is so much happier.


Sleep, sleep, sleep. Getting a proper amount of shut-eye (I try to sleep at least 8+ hours a night) is crucial to a glowing complexion. I know that some of you might be shaking your head and can’t even fathom sleeping that much each night, but I invite you to create some new habits that encourage as much sleep as possible. Cutting back on screen time, using essential oils, and avoiding exercise at night are all ways to improve your sleep hygiene.

A good night’s rest can help to:

  • increase blood flow to your face
  • decrease prevalence the stress hormone, cortisol
  • produce more collagen, the stuff that keeps your skin from sagging
  • de-puff those peepers


Twice a week I exfoliate while in the shower using my Clarisonic Mia and doTERRA facial cleanser. Once a week (usually on Sunday), I use a detoxifying face mask to help pull out toxins and improve my skin’s texture and appearance. I love doTERRA’s essential oil-infused clay mask.


Believe it or not, my skin care routine is under ten minutes each morning and night. I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to take some of the tips I shared and inspire your own personal skin care routine that works for you – your budget, your schedule, and your skin care needs.

What’s important is that you begin to carve time out of your day just for you. A few moments spent focusing on no one but you is imperative to your overall wellness. Plus, you’re worth every minute.

Tell me, what’s one new skin care ritual you’re excited to try?