Setting Empowered Boundaries like a Goddess

Setting empowered boundaries as a people-pleaser isn’t always easy, but Haley teaches you how to connect back to your heart and live life like the goddess you are – boundaries and all.

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Episode 016 | May 7, 2019


If you’re a people-pleaser or on your path to recovery, you need to listen to this episode of You Time™ with Haley Lusk.

Haley Lusk Coaching

We cover how to finally step into your worth, how to shift your vocabulary to feel more empowered, what it means to connect back to your heart, and so much more.

This episode is absolute must listen.

Haley Lusk is a modern medicine woman and self-love expert dedicated to helping women lead with truth, presence, and heart. She is the host of Activate TV and the founder of the Goddess Sanctuary. Everything she does and creates gives women the real world tools to unlock their fullest potential and live their life on their own terms.

She spends her days hanging out with her wife, writing, and connecting with soul driven women who are taking the world by storm.

Connect with Haley on Instagram or head to her website to learn more about how her work can support you.

Topics covered

Haley’s personal turning point | 2:15

How Haley got over the guilt of setting boundaries | 3:17

Is the universe sending you messages? Here’s how to tell | 4:04

Tangible action items to step into your own worth | 7:56

How people-pleasers ironically violate boundaries | 12:43

People-pleasing behaviors in relationships and how to move forward | 14:30

Learning to connect back to your heart | 19:50

Three words you can remove from your vocabulary to feel more empowered | 24:53

What the word Goddess means to Haley and her exciting announcement | 28:55

Moon cycling and transformational self-care | 35:45

The aspects of self-care that Haley is still working on | 42:50

Additional resources

Learn more about Worthy™ and develop your self-confidence

Worthy was created after years of studying people-pleasers and watching women continuously neglect their happiness in a never-ending effort to please others.

Overwhelmingly, the common block that held these incredible women back from setting boundaries, saying No, and making positive changes in their lives was an overall belief that they were not worthy enough to do so. They were also too f*cking scared to make a move when it came right down to it.

Are you one of these women?

This course will guide you through three modules to help you become unblocked and start to see that you are worthy. Setting empowered boundaries is in your future!

The four questions that Haley asks herself each and every morning to help honor herself:

  1. What do I value?
  2. What can I say No to?
  3. What do I want more of?
  4. How will you honor this?

How to connect back with your moon cycle:

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