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Worthy™ the course: develop your self-confidence

Discover the tools to face your limiting beliefs, release fear, boost your self-confidence,
and skyrocket your self-esteem


Confidence boosting changes you’ll experience with Worthy™

When you decide that you are worthy, your life will begin to shift in positive ways.

You will begin to:

Invite in happiness with ease instead of feeling like you’re not deserving of finding your bliss.
> Envision finally ending that shitty relationship you’ve been pouring too much into with nothing in return.

Take back your time and power from those who’ve taken advantage of your kindness.
> Imagine how freeing it would feel to release the toxic people in your life.

Discover that you and your efforts are worthy of being highly compensated.
> Hello, having the courage to ask for a raise or pursue your dream job.

Feel empowered to set soulful boundaries and limits within your life – with others and yourself.
> Don’t you dream of freeing up your schedule for what you love most?

Begin to give fewer f*cks about the trivial worries and dedicate your energy to what matters most.
> Imagine stopping the constant concern about how you look in those short summer shorts and confidently enjoying the damn sunshine instead!

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Can I ask you something?

Do you constantly put other’s wants before your needs?

Or maybe you’re too focused on others to even begin to address your own requirements for happiness?

Are you frustrated that no one ever seems to care about your feelings?

Girl, I see you.feel you because I’ve been there, too.

Aren’t you tired?

Here’s the thing: the common thread that weaves through all the limiting beliefs and false stories you tell yourself and it’s a perceived lack of worthiness.

The one thing holding you back from asking for support when you need it most? Worthiness.

The block that’s keeping you from making massive shifts – like asking for the well-deserved raise, finally going after your dream job, or making the cross-country move – in your life? Worthiness.

The reason you haven’t had the confidence to tell others No or start setting necessary boundaries? Worthiness.

Here’s the thing…

Telling someone No? You’re worthy.

Learning to set boundaries? You’re worthy.

Communicating your needs? You’re worthy.

Ending a loveless relationship? You’re worthy.

Working to not always please others? You’re worthy.

Earning more money than you ever dreamed possible? You’re worthy.

Making healthy lifestyle changes to improve your health? You’re worthy.

Wearing clothes without worrying about what others think? You’re worthy.

You’re worthy of everything you’ve been telling yourself isn’t possible.

Every damn thing.

What you’ll receive immediately upon enrollment

You will get access to everything you need to begin to grow your worthiness within moments of enrolling.

You’ll also receive:

  • Lifetime access to the private course portal
  • A beautifully designed workbook to uncover just how worthy you already are (and help you finally believe it!)
  • A strength-finder quiz to help you discover where you’re already really freakin’ amazing
  • Three audio guides crafted by Carley to support each module
  • Two powerful meditations to release limiting beliefs and welcome in your worthiness
  • Three bonus training videos to support you through each module


Why Worthy™ was born

Worthy was created after years of studying people-pleasers and watching women continuously neglect their happiness in a never-ending effort to please others.

Overwhelmingly, the common block that held these incredible women back from setting boundaries, saying No, and making positive changes in their lives was an overall belief that they were not worthy enough to do so. 

They were also too f*cking scared to make necessary life-changing shifts when it came down to it. 

Are you one of these women?

This course will guide you through three modules to help you become unblocked, face your fears, and start to see that you are worthy.