Daysy Discount Code & Fertility Monitor Review

Whether or not you’re trying to conceive, using Daysy to monitor and track your fertility status is an effective way to plan for or avoid pregnancy. Learn more through my full Daysy review below (and an exclusive discount code!).

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I was on hormonal birth control for over 13 years, and when I finally decided that it was time to ditch the hormones, it was important to me that I found a natural way to help avoid pregnancy.

While many rely on period-tracking apps, they aren’t always accurate depending on the actual day you ovulate and your cycle length. I knew that I needed an effective and precise tool, so I chose to use Daysy.

Daysy fertility tracker and discount code

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What is the Daysy fertility tracker?

Daysy is a part basal thermometer and part app. Daysy is a small device that you use to take your temperature the moment you wake up orally. Based on your temperature reading, you will receive feedback on whether or not you’re fertile. That morning reading is your fertility status for the next 24 hours.

From there, you and your partner can determine the best course of action for the day based on your intention – to get pregnant or to prevent pregnancy.

You can learn more about Daysy and how she works here.

Recent Daysy updates

As this Daysy review was written a few years ago, there have been significant updates to Daysy and her accompanying app. Click on the section below to read the latest about the Daysy fertility monitor.

You may be wondering, how long does it take Daysy to work?

While Daysy can “work” right out of the box, the feedback and data you receive won’t be custom to your unique menstrual cycle. What makes Daysy different from other basal body temperature thermometers is that it has a built-in algorithm to learn your cycle, and you will begin to see more customized readings the longer you’ve used it. 

I suggest using Daysy consistently for at least three months for the best representation of your fertile window.

By using Daysy over a more extended period, Daysy will predict when you’re fertile and ovulating and when you’re not. The longer you use Daysy, the more insight and accurate feedback you’ll receive when viewing data in the app or on the monitor itself.

2019 update: Daysy 2.0 released!

As of late March 2019, Daysy 2.0 will replace the original Daysy outlined in this post. I was fortunate enough to test out Daysy 2.0 before she hit the market, and let me tell you, I’m thrilled with her new updates!

Here’s what you can expect with Daysy 2.0:

  • Bluetooth capabilities (no more plugging Daysy into your phone to sync data)
  • A rechargeable battery
  • The ability to edit menstruation input via the button on Daysy
  • More robust housing and a flexible neck

In addition to the updates on the physical Daysy, the app has received a beautiful refresh that promotes ease of use and more accessible data about your cycles. And, of course, use my daysy discount code to save on your order. (That link will take 10% off your order automatically!).

Already have a Daysy but want to upgrade to the newest version? Contact customer service for the most current trade-in offers.

daysy fertility tracker
Daysy fits in the palm of your hand.

2020 update: DaysyView app becomes DaysyDay

As of December 2020, the Daysy app received a significant facelift.

DaysyDay is an entirely new app designed to help you track your cycle and basal body temperature and log your period, intercourse, cervical fluid, notes, and more.

When you open the app, you’ll see it’s much more intuitive than its predecessor and has a cleaner, more modern interface. Check out some screenshots below.

daysy app view promotional code
The calendar view and fertility status snapshot
daysy app view of calender
The day view, where you can add relevant notes

More recent Daysy updates

The 2020 update of Daysy was certainly the most robust and helped Daysy become an easy, integral part of BBT users everywhere. Even more recently, I’ve seen that Daysy offers some newer updates I hadn’t seen before, including:

  • Two-year warranty
  • Free partner app (to help your partner keep track of your cycle, too)
  • Experts are available by phone and email to answer any questions
  • Free shipping and no subscription costs (yay!)
  • Discount increased to 10% (you can save by clicking here)

How to use Daysy

As I mentioned above, it is imperative to use Daysy right when you wake up after a night of at least four hours of consecutive sleep. Not after you get up to go to the bathroom, check your phone, or kiss your partner good morning.

The timing is so crucial because Daysy measures your body’s resting temperature, and that number should be captured in its most natural state to ensure the most accurate reading.

If you are menstruating that day, let your Daysy know by holding the center button until the purple light shows. The recording of your menstrual cycle is essential for your Daysy to identify and can affect how she learns your cycles.

What do the lights mean on Daysy?

After you take your morning reading, which takes about thirty seconds, your Daysy light will turn red, yellow, or green. Here’s what those lights mean.

  • Red light: you are fertile, use an additional barrier method to prevent pregnancy. We prefer these super-thin vegan condoms if we are not actively trying to conceive.
  • Yellow light: handle these days like red days; they mean that Daysy is experiencing cycle variations and is still learning your cycle.
  • Greenlight: you are not fertile and can enjoy sex with your partner without another protection method.

From there, you can sync your daily reading to the Daysy app to chart your temperature and cycle changes. I sync to the app every few days just to be safe.

Again, it takes about three months for Daysy to learn your cycles, so don’t get discouraged if you see many red and yellow days pop up over the first ninety days. It’s essential to ensure your partner is on the same page as you throughout this process!

daysy promo code and review

How effective is Daysy?

Planning for or avoiding pregnancy is a big deal, and you should have a device that puts your mind at ease. The developers of Daysy are pioneers in the femtech industry and have over half a million fertility trackers and monitor users.

Did you know that Daysy 2.0 is the 2019 Red Dot Design Award winner? Learn more about what makes Daysy so great.

It’s important to note that Daysy is a fertility calculator vs. a traditional birth control like the pill. With Daysy, there are no synthetic hormones, chemicals, or unwanted side effects, and full control over whether or not you’d like to try for a baby within a moment’s notice.

Should you decide to begin a family, Daysy can be used to chart out your most fertile days and give you more insight into when the potential for pregnancy is at its highest. Rest assured that the Daysy effectiveness is definitely in your favor.

daysy app fertility chart with coupon code
Screenshot of my first month with Daysy (note: this image is from the old Daysy app)
daysy fertility tracker app fertile days
One month later – look at how many more green days there are!

What I love about Daysy

  • 100% natural – there are no synthetic hormones or pills of any kind
  • It empowers me to reconnect with my body’s natural cycles
  • One-time payment vs. monthly prescription bills (like when I was on the NuvaRing)
  • Super user-friendly and easy to use
  • Easy to figure out whether you’re fertile or not
  • Varying settings in the app depending on if you’re trying to get pregnant or not

What I don’t love about Daysy

  • Remembering to take my temperature immediately upon waking up (I’ve started placing it on top of my phone to remind me to do it first thing)
  • No Bluetooth syncing. You do have to plug it into your phone (with the extension piece for iPhone 7 and above), but it’s really not that complicated. Update: Bluetooth capability was added for Daysy 2.0 as of March 2019
  • Remaining patient throughout the initial learning cycle

Final thoughts and wrapping up my Daysy review

Daysy is genuinely one of the best investments I’ve made in my health. She allows me to feel empowered and secure in my sexual wellness. The physical self-care changes (more energy, less anxious feelings, no more brain fog) I’ve felt in just a few weeks of choosing Daysy over my IUD are incredibly eye-opening and worth every penny.

The Daysy fertility tracker is hands-down my favorite birth control method to date. Use condoms (we love this brand best after trying many) on red and yellow days if you aren’t trying for a baby!

It has empowered me to regain control of my body and begin to understand how I feel without synthetic hormones. I feel confident and secure while using Daysy, and it has opened up my relationship to some essential topics, including how I’m feeling during different phases of my cycle.

If you’re considering changing your hormonal birth control, Daysy might be your choice. Please note I suggest working with a functional doctor or midwife while transitioning from hormonal to non-hormonal birth control, as this experience can be different for everyone.

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Do you still have a question?

If you still have a question I didn’t address in this post, ask it below! I will do my best to help you get your desired answers.

Some common questions are:

  • Is Daysy FDA-approved?
  • How effective is Daysy?
  • Is Daysy the best fertility monitor?
  • How do you clean your Daysy?
  • Where do you buy Daysy?


  • Hi I’m Erika. I have been using a copper IUD for about 3 years. I will like to start using Daysy. I was wondering if I could use both methods for the first 90 days while Daysy learns my cycles. I’m kind freaking out about getting pregnant so I want to be as safe as possible. Will the copper IUD interfere with my temperature and the reading???

    • Hey Erika!

      I’ll give you my opinion as someone who had an IUD and switched to Daysy. Personally, I wouldn’t. I’d wait to start Daysy once your IUD has been removed (should you choose to get it removed) so Daysy has a chance to learn your natural cycles without interference of any kind. Keep in mind, Daysy is effective when used correctly, so just make sure to use condoms on the days you’re red or orange and follow her prompts! If you’re still concerned or curious, you can email Daysy at info(at) to ask what they’d recommend! 🙂

      Hope this helps! xx

  • I’m a little on the fence on buying this, because it’s so darn expensive ????????
    And I’ve been curious to know if I when I buy it? Should i start using it when i get my IUD removed. Because I’ve had it on for 2 years now and haven’t gotten a period at all. Should i just wait until my cycle begins?

    • Hi!

      I totally get the hesitation around price. Be sure to check with your insurance company as the Daysy could be covered up to 60%! As far as when to start using it, I personally started using it as soon as my IUD was removed but note that your first “period” off of birth-control is just your withdrawal bleed so you don’t need to tell your Daysy it was a true period. According to Daysy, “The first bleeding after coming off hormonal birth control is a withdrawal bleeding and must not be entered as your period. Please make sure your first menstruation entry is on the first day of active bleeding and flow.”

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Chloe! Daysy will tell you your daily BBT and use her unique algorithm to predict your daily fertility status. Hope that helps!

  • I really appreciate your useful and very persuasive explanation!!! When my teenage daughter was ready to become sexually active with her boyfriend, she begged me to let her go on the pill. Instead I taught her the basics of FAM and bought a fertility monitor for her. At first she was terrified by the idea of having unprotected sex and really worried about getting pregnant in high school, but websites like yours helped me to persuade her that FAM is much better birth control than condoms or the pill. Giving her an introduction to FAM before her first time with her boyfriend was also a great mother-daughter experience for us and really was what gave her the the little push she needed to get over her shyness about her body and become sexually active. She now is completely comfortable having unprotected sex with her boyfriend on her “green” days, and she promises me they are super careful with any kind of P-in-V on her “red” days. This may not work with all teens, but they are both straight-A students and really responsible, and I can tell FAM has really strengthened their relationship. You are a great role model for responsible teens!

    • Wow – that is such a fantastic story! I love the openness you share with your daughter, and what you taught her is so invaluable. Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad that FAM and fertility monitoring is working out!

      xo –

  • Thanks, Carley. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to help your daughter develop a healthy life plan for her sexuality and fertility while she still has the support and guidance of living with mom at home. So many girls stumble into sex confused and uncertain and conflicted. It was really important to me that my daughter should have a more positive experience. Once she began dating her boyfriend, I didn’t wait for her to come to me about sex — I raised the topic with her first. At first she insisted she was too young to begin having sex and that she “never” wanted to have children. I insisted that she start using Daysy and learning FAM anyway, and that was the pathway for me to persuade her to become sexually active and not to use condoms or the pill. It took several months of discussions with her, but when she finally had her first sexual experience with her boyfriend, it was planned, it was safe, it was with my encouragement (the rest of our family went out for pizza and a movie that night, so her first time could be in her bedroom), and it was without any barrier or hormonal contraception.
    Practicing responsible FAM has really formed a strong bond between my daughter and her boyfriend, and I can see that she is increasingly accepting of her fertility as the next step in expressing their intimacy. As you say, Daysy gives my daughter “full control over whether or not you’d like to try for a baby within a moments notice.” His mom and I have discussed their relationship and are ready and supportive for them to take that next step. My daughter is in her senior year of high school now, and he is a freshman in the local college, and she and I have discussed several times the special magic of “red day” sex both physically because of her heightened responsiveness when she is fertile and emotionally as a true expression of both partners being open to the possibility of making a baby together. Educating her that most women don’t get pregnant the first time they “try” to get pregnant and that almost all women need at least a few months to get pregnant has definitely increased her receptiveness to being intimate with her boyfriend on her “red” days. I am really looking forward to when they begin using FAM for TTC instead of TTA.

  • Hello and thank you for your support. My question is :
    You can use this only if you have iphone 7 and above?
    I have samsung , is that mean I can not use Daysy because there are no application for it? Thank you!

    • Hi Katinka!

      Thank you so much for asking. This is a great question!

      There is an app on the Google Play Store called “DaysyView”, so I believe you should be able to use Daysy with your Samsung phone. 🙂


  • Helloo,
    I’ve been birth control for nearly 10 years, the pill, 3 implants and an iud which only lasted me 7 months! My iud was embedded into a muscle, therefore I had to have surgery to have it removed, it was working so well but I’m a little worried to have it again!
    I came across daysy online and did some research, your website has helped me a lot, I’m 99% sure I want to try it!
    My partner is super supportive and we’re both not ready to have children just yet!
    I just have a few questions if you could answer then that would be great!

    Would you recommend I wait for a period before I start using daysy since coming off the iud?

    Does the daysy tell you when you’re ovulating? If I have unprotected sex 5 days before I ovulate will I know I’m safe not to get pregnant?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Libby,
      Sorry to hear about your struggles! As Daysy is only a temperature monitor, you can feel free to start using it any time! For the question about fertility, nothing is 100% but the more you use Daysy the more accurate it will be to judge when there is risk.

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