My Honest Review of the Sakara 10-Day Reset

Have you heard of the Sakara 10-Day Reset? It’s a DIY detox in-a-box and a great way to get Sakara Life’s benefits without investing in a meal delivery program.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of living the Sakara Life but don’t have the money to spend on a full meal delivery program, the 10-Day Reset might be the perfect option for you. Keep reading to learn more about how the reset kit works, what’s included, and some example recipes.

What is the 10-day reset?

When you head to the Sakara website, you’ll see that Sakara 10-Day Reset is different than Sakara’s traditional meal delivery programs.

This DIY detox in-a-box puts you in the kitchen and empowers you to take your nutrition back into your own hands. If you’ve wanted to try Sakara but weren’t ready for the financial investment, the 10-Day Reset is the perfect gateway for you. You seriously can’t beat the price of this reset.

Inside the gorgeous box, you’ll find all the elements needed to live the Sakara life, including a variety of supportive supplements and easy-to-make, nourishing recipes. Keep reading this review to learn how you can save 20% on your Sakara 10-Day Reset.

How does the 10-day reset work?

As I mentioned above, the box contains everything you need to detox and nourish in the comfort of your kitchen. If you’re someone who wants to adhere to a set budget or have a busy schedule to work around, the 10-Day Reset could be the perfect choice for you!

With the 10-Day Reset, you’ll have the tools to create nourishing, supportive meals. All you need to do is head to the market (or order from your local grocery store) and begin to prep your space and your mind for the reset program.

What’s included in the 10-Day Reset?

When you open up your 10-Day Reset kit you’ll find that it is packed with a variety of tools to support your journey on this program.

What’s most important to note is that everything is intentionally designed to nourish you and not encourage restriction or calorie counting. Sakara believes in the power of food as medicine, not food as punishment or a way to “cleanse” or lose unnecessary weight. The reset is designed to help reinforce the idea of food as medicine and help you uncover your own confidence in the kitchen.

Here’s what you’ll find in your reset box:

  • 10-Day Reset Recipes: over 20 meals designed to help you feel like your best self
  • Beauty + Detox Water Drops: boost the power of your water with these mineral-rich drops
  • Daily Probiotic Blend: overall wellness starts in the gut with these super-packed probiotics
  • Detox Bars: contains spirulina and 10g of plant-based protein
  • Energy Bars: contains 10g of organic hemp protein and productivity-boosting ingredients
  • Super Powder: contains 12g of quality, plant-based protein from pea, hemp, sesame, and pumpkin
  • Detox Tea: supports the body’s natural detox system with lemongrass, rose, and red rooibos
Sakara 10-Day Reset review

The Sakara 10-day reset recipes

Oh yes! In your reset kit, you’ll receive a gorgeous book containing 20+ recipes for your reset experience. This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share some of the delicious reset recipes, right?

Some of my personal favorite Reset recipes include:

  • Lemon and kale detox caesar
  • Ayurvedic mung dal with spinach
  • Carrot and ginger soup
  • Butternut squash, kale, and white bean soup
  • Classic kale salad with green goddess dressing
  • Life Source oatmeal

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the recipes you’ll find inside the 10-Day Reset, just my personal favorites. You can check out some more of the 10-Day Reset recipes here.

bowl of sakara soup

The benefits of resetting with Sakara

Not only will you begin to feel better from the inside out, but you can also expect to see improved gut health, encourage healthy digestion, boost your energy, release excess weight, and uncover that coveted Sakara glow.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what these Sakaralites have to say about their 10-Day Reset experience.

Sakara is founded on the principle of food as medicine, and the 10-Day Reset is the chance to experience the power of nourishing yourself with quality food first hand.

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My results of the 10-day reset

As with anything new, it takes a bit to find your rhythm with cooking and meal planning. Thankfully, the recipe book included in the reset kit made finding that flow more approachable.

I hit up the grocery store and got everything I needed for the next few days. Once home, I washed and prepped as much as I could to help save time and keep me motivated – it worked!

After the ten days, I noticed the below changes in my body:

  • Improved digestion
  • Increased, sustained energy
  • Less belly bloat
  • A natural glow to my skin
  • Dark circles improved
  • Weight loss
  • More confidence in the kitchen

I also realized the importance of adequate amounts of plant-based fiber in my diet. Before the Reset, I was always so focused on getting enough protein, but, in retrospect, my body was really craving more fiber.

Is Sakara’s 10-Day Reset worth it?

If you want to get a taste of Sakara before fully committing to a three or five-day meal delivery, the 10-Day Reset kit is a great way to do just that. Aside from the anticipated results listed above, you may find that you begin to view food in a whole new and positive way. It’s wild what ten days of shifting your diet can do for your body.

The bottom line: yes, the Sakara 10-Day Reset is absolutely worth it. The price point makes it perfect for gifting, too. I hope you love your experience as much as I did.

Order your 10-Day Reset now.

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