Eight Tips for Protection Against Energy Vampires

As a highly-sensitive individual, I’ve come to learn that protection against energy vampires is essential to conserve my energy, peace, and happiness. Discover how to recognize the vampires in your life and take your power back.

Whether you consider yourself an empath, a highly-sensitive individual, or someone who feels everything – learning how to protect your energy from ‘energy vampires’ is critical to your wellbeing.

It’s true – energy vampires are real, and they have the power to leech off the energy of others who might not be aware of what is happening. Before you know it, you’ll feel exhausted for no apparent reason and begin to experience feelings of stress and anxiety.

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woman screaming out loud at toxic relationship

What is an energy vampire?

More specifically, who is an energy vampire?

Have you ever left lunch or a coffee date with someone and felt utterly exhausted for no discernible reason? It’s almost as if the other person sucked out all of your positive energy, leaving you feeling depleted and confused.

Welcome to the world of energy vampires.

Often, energy vampires are disguised as harmless individuals. It isn’t until you spend time with them or tap into your intuition that you realize just how draining they are.

Those individuals that are vampires of other people’s energy are often not aware of their energy-sucking ways. In fact, their behavior is likely unconscious and simply their standard mode of operation.

It’s as if they don’t know any better.

Thankfully, their possible lack of awareness around their behaviors doesn’t have to affect yours. Learning how to protect your energy is an essential step to taking back your power. Also, this process will help you to recognize if you are an energy vampire to others in any way. Gasp!

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The first step: how to protect your energy

Thankfully, actions can be taken to identify the energy vampires in your life and work to protect your energy from being stolen.

For starters, to protect yourself against them, you must be able to read your energy before becoming aware of the energy others carry.

To understand your energy:

  • Create more awareness of your thought patterns
  • Become more present in your daily life and actions
  • Notice times of low and high energy throughout your day

Once you’ve begun to create more awareness around your energy, it’s time to apply that practice to others.

Think of someone that you feel lighthearted, joyful, and happy to be around. What is it about that person that makes spending time with them so enjoyable?

Hint: it has to do with their positive energy.

Now, think of a person that leaves you feeling negative, depeleted, and on-edge after you leave their presence. Most likely, it’s their negative energy (and possibly attitude) that leave you feeling less-than-great.

In fact, their negative energy is capable of stealing your positive energy in an attempt to raise their own energy and bring yours down.

collection of crystals

Tips for blocking energy vampires

Learning to shield your energy from vampires requires more than simply becoming aware of energy. Protect your precious energy using the eight tips below.

1. Set firm boundaries

Learning to set healthy boundaries, both physically and emotionally, can help to protect your energy from being affected. When you create a new boundary, you are communicating to others what behaviors are okay and what’s not okay.

Without proper boundaries in place, energy vampires have free reign over our time, space, and energy.

2. Call on the power of crystals

Crystals are conduits of energy, which makes them a powerful tool to help protect yours from unwanted attack. The best crystals for protection against energy vampires include:

  • Red garnet
  • Citrine
  • Black obsidian
  • Amethyst
  • Black tourmaline

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3. Use of essential oils

All essential oils have an emotional component which make them a powerful tool for energy protection. For example, lavender is the oil of communication and would be a supportive oil for protection against energy vampires.

Additional essential oils to support protecting your energy include:

You can use the above essential oils to apply to specific chakras, diffuse as needed, or apply to the bottoms of your feet or the insides of your wrists.

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4. Cleanse the energy of your space

Clearing your space of negative energy will help to create a peaceful home and release toxicity left by energy vampires.

To help cleanse your space, palo santo and dried sage bundles are very useful tools. Simply light, burn, and allow the smoke to clear out the energy from specific rooms.

essential oils with crystals and a diffuser

5. Create physical barriers

If you find yourself in physically too close to an energy vampire, closing up a jacket or sweater can help to create a physical barrier between your energy and theirs. Wrapping a scarf around your heart and throat will also help to keep you protected.

Have you ever noticed how you naturally cover-up with a scarf or close up a sweater when having a vulnerable conversation? The same idea applies to creating physical barriers for protection against energy vampires.

6. Use cord-cutting meditations

Working to cut the cord tethering you to negative energy, people, or situtations is a powerful way to clear your energy and protect you in the future.

Check out the cord-cutting meditation and see how it can support you in your quest to protect your energy.

7. Continue to be the light

Sometimes, focusing on love and continuing to be the light will give you the confidence you need to protect yourself from energy vampires.

In times of difficulty, repeat the below mantras:

  • I am the light, no matter the darkness that surrounds me.
  • I choose to lead with love.

8. End the toxic relationship

There are times that the above tips aren’t enough to protect you from energy vampires in relationships. In these moments, it’s important to consider the health of the relationship and wether or not it’s worthy of your time, effort, and energy.

Get honest with yourself (and the other person involved) and reassess what’s really going on.

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How do energy vampires steal your energy?

When asking this question, it’s important to remember that energy vampires operate at a very low frequency.

Often, these individuals can come masked with good intentions (and some even borderline on narcissistic) but are out to steal the positive energy from those around them to persevere.

It’s important to realize that spending too much time with a harmful or toxic person can cause chronic stress. Not only will this chronic stress cause physical harm to the person, but, over time, it can cause emotional damage as well.

Work to become more aware of the vampires in your life, work to protect your energy actively, and don’t feel bad when your gut is telling you not to spend too much time with someone.

Chances are, they’re out for your positive energy.



  • This is not an over reaction, but I have literally had one person make me physically sick. I could not see it until someone said to me she is toxic for you. I thought what do you mean? I couldn’t understand how one person could do that to you. I was going down low energy and my medical doctor not wanting to get involved with this topic told me I needed to avoid this person at all cost. I still do not know how to handle this. How do you tell someone I can’t be with you. And now I feel like anyone I come into contact with drop my energy level I feel so vulnerable to everyone. Please if there is anything you can do to help me I would appreciate it.

    • Diana,
      Sometimes it gets to be a very impossible situation since the energy vampire doesn’t even realize they are sucking the life out of people. I am dealing with it right now and I have decided to just tell the person the truth and let the chips fall where they may. If the person is toxic to you, it most likely will not change and you will use your good energy trying to block them and just frustrate yourself, which is more negativity on you. The truth will not be taken well but the toxic person will then go away from you.

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