The Secrets to Finally Overcoming Perfectionism

Is the need for perfectionism running your life or ruining your relationships?

Listen in to this week’s episode to gain insight on how to overcome perfectionism and learn to love yourself – flaws and all.

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Episode 022 | September 3, 2019

What’s new this week

On this week’s solo-sode, Carley examines perfectionism and why some of us tend unfailingly feel the need to have everything all figured out.

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You’ll learn the common signs of perfectionists (do any of these apply to you?!) and discover alternative behaviors to help release the need for perfectionism.

Listen in if you’re ready to hop off the hamster wheel and live a life without the pressure of being “perfect”.

Topics covered

What is perfectionism, anyway? | 1:34

The five most common signs you’re a perfectionist | 2:18

How to deal with perfectionism | 12:11

Affirmations for conquering perfectionism | 13:22

Discover the importance of worthiness | 13:54

The hidden dangers of perfectionism | 16:53

Additional resources


How to Overcome Perfectionism and Love Yourself

How to Overcome Fear and Move Forward


Recognizing and Releasing Fear on You Time


Present Over Perfect by Sauna Niequist (one of my favorite books, I highly recommend!)

Present Over Perfect Study Guide: Five Sessions to Leaving Behind a Frantic Way of Living

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