How to Overcome Fear and Move Forward

Learning how to overcome fear can sound intimidating, but I’ve found a few mindset shifts that empower you to stop being scared and create change within your life.

What is fear and what are you truly afraid of?

To talk about how to overcome fear, let’s first start with the definition of fear as defined by Merriam Webster: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

So, chances are, you’re experiencing a fearful reaction to something that you perceive as dangerous or likely to harm you in some way.

In life, what we’re fearful of – whether this fear is external, internal, or subconscious – can vary depending on what precisely you’re facing. Some of us are afraid of the dark, while others are fearful of taking a risk or speaking our truth.

While this post will focus on tackling subconscious fears, no matter what fears you’re currently working through, I hope that you find some of the support you’re seeking.

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Fear plus anxiety and panic

There was a time in my life when fear ran the show, and it left me completely exhausted, burned out, and riddled with anxiety. Today, as a proud recovering people pleaser, I’ve learned to no longer allow fear to call the shots.

When we live a life with fear taking the reins, it can feel like anxiety and panic attacks are around every corner. Fear can leave us feeling paralyzed – like we’re unable to make a move or decision without thoroughly thinking through every possible course of action.

Learning how to overcome fear will help to diminish your anxiety and panic, and hopefully, leave you feeling more empowered than ever.

Five tips to overcome fear

1. Accept that fear can be a facade

Not sure what I mean by this? Allow me to explain.

Sometimes, fear can paint a picture in our mind that isn’t accurate, but we allow this thought or belief to live there anyway. Over time, this fear-based belief becomes our reality and all that we know.

By accepting that fear can be a master manipulator of our thoughts and can create a false reality, it becomes more simple to create lasting change.

2. Recognize and name your fears

When learning how to overcome fear, you absolutely must take a look at your concerns and where they’re coming from, especially when talking about subconscious fears or limiting beliefs that you hold as accurate.

Also, don’t be afraid to call your worries out! Write them down on a piece of paper, if necessary.

3. Don’t forget about your strengths

What happens when fear takes over? It’s easy to forget about what we’re good at or confident doing, but remembering your strengths can support you to stop being scared.

For example, let’s say you’re terrified of public speaking but have a project coming up that requires a presentation. What’s your next move? Well, you quickly remember that you’re a strong communicator when it comes to one-on-one communication, so how could this strength help you move past your fear of public speaking?

Well, take the parts of communication that you feel the most confident in and work on applying those skills to your group presentation and see what happens!

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4. Re-write your fears

How do you conquer your fears? Learning how to overcome fear sometimes requires learning how to re-write what you’re currently afraid of with a focus on creating an empowering and positive statement.

Through this practice, I’ve found that you can stop being scared when it comes to your “fears” and learn how to live without fear through an exercise that shifts your mindset around your fearful tendencies.

For example, I fear that others will judge me when I share my success turns into I feel empowered sharing my success because I know I have the potential to help others.

5. Visualize living life without fear

How can I live without fear, you wonder? Working to actively visualize living a life without subconscious fears or limiting beliefs running the show is a powerful tool to stop being scared.

Here are some helpful questions:

What would overcoming my fears feel like?

How would my life change in a positive way?

What would I be leaving behind when I’m no longer afraid?

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Professional help and additional support to overcome fear

When talking about subconscious fears – or limiting thoughts that we believe as real – it might be helpful to seek the help of a professional or find a therapist to work through your limiting beliefs and worries.

I find therapy extremely helpful to have a trusted third-party to bounce fears and worries off of and, in turn, have a mirror held up to my beliefs that (sometimes) aren’t rational.

If traditional therapy doesn’t feel like the right path for you, I’ve listed below some helpful tools to support you while working towards living a life without fear.

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Learning to Recognize and Release Fear on the You Time™ podcast

Online Course

Discover Worthy™ and learn how to address and move through your fears in a positive way

The course includes three bonus videos about facing your fears!

Ditch the comfort zone

Above all, remember that it’s essential to challenge yourself and get outside of your comfort zone. When working with my private clients, I like to challenge them to “rebel” once a day and push themselves to get out of their secure zone.

I should note, these acts of rebellion are not to become new habits; instead, they’re used to empower the client and to help them realize the world doesn’t fall apart when we face our fears.

Small acts of rebellion could include:

  • Not doing the dishes at night and waiting for the morning
  • Going for a hike when you “should” be doing something around the house
  • Deviating from your usual routine
  • Skipping a workout to go to happy hour with friends
  • Not answering emails/texts as soon as they arrive

No matter how you choose to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, remember that you are worthy of learning how to overcome fear and anxiety within your life. The practice of learning to live without fear takes patience, but the payout is beyond measure.

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