Everything You Need to Know: Hypnotherapy Benefits and More with Brian Barnes

Put the power of your life back in your own hands with hypnotherapy.

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Episode 037 | December 17, 2019

What’s new this week

In this week’s episode of You Time, I sat down with Brian Barnes to discuss everything you’ve wanted to know about hypnotherapy.

We dive into the hypnotherapy benefits, the common myths associated with hypnotherapy, and who can benefit from this targeted relaxation practice. Spoiler alert: it seems like hypnotherapy can help anyone looking to shift their perspective and behaviors.

Also, you’ll hear a family story from Carley about the first time she understood the power of hypnotherapy and who, in her life, gave birth under hypnosis. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this episode!

About Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes has been a registered nurse for 24 years, specializing in medical, surgical and mental health. He has an incredible passion for creating unique wellbeing solutions through workshops, teaching mental resilience, mindfulness and promoting positive mental health through his hypnotherapy coaching practice.

Topics Covered

Myths of hypnotherapy | 2:12
Can you benefit from hypnotherapy? | 4:57
The most common hurdles | 8:06
Importance of white cotton panties | 13:55
Crossing four lanes of traffic | 17:30
Path to hypnotherapy | 29:15
Hypno-birthing and how it works | 43:20
A tip in self-hypnotherapy | 49:00
Brian answers: self-care questions | 57:50

Connect with Brian Barnes

You can connect and learn more about hypnotherapy benefits from Brian over at Brian Barnes Wellbeing!

Additional hypnotherapy resources

Read: Montreal Children’s Hospital uses Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

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