They say confidence is everything. Believing in yourself can come easy for some, while it may take more effort for others. Here’s my take on ways to feel more confident to help you become the best version of yourself.

If you’re feeling like your self confidence needs a boost, don’t worry! With some practice and vulnerability, you can increase your self confidence by following the below methods I use with my coaching clients.


Before we dive into how to boost your self-confidence, let’s talk about the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. Both ideas are similar when it comes to improving your how you feel about yourself overall, but there are some differences.


This concept refers to how you feel about yourself on an overall level. This sense of self is usually developed from personal experiences that shape us to become who we are today and doesn’t waver situation by situation. It is tied to the worth in which you hold for yourself.

Additionally, self-esteem goes hand-in-hand with self-respect. It is also one of the basic human motivations on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Unlike self-esteem, self-confidence does change situation by situation. We can be completely confident in one area of our lives but lack confidence in an area less familiar to us. This belief is tied directly to experiences in particular areas in your life.

So, how do you boost your self-confidence?

Confident Woman


I’ll never forget the first time I stepped into a gym.

I avoided that place my entire four years of college (okay, I went once and walked on the track for 20 minutes…) because I never felt confident enough to go. The machines intimidated me and I had no idea what to do.

Fast-forward to my time living in New York City…

It was in the middle of a failing relationship that I decided to start going to the gym. At the time, I was still very hesitant and awkward, so I decided to hire a personal trainer to show me the ropes. Literally, so many battle ropes.

After a few months, I felt my confidence in the gym begin to grow. Before I knew it, my self-esteem had increased overall and I dumped my boyfriend. He was never good for me, anyway.

I can’t say that the process was easy, but what made it more bearable was hiring a professional who was extremely confident in the area I was not. Having someone to lean on made all of the difference.

Confidence Support


Are you ready to learn how to boost your self confidence? Check out my tips below!


I’ve found this method very effective with clients of mine. When you’re constantly over-apologizing, you’re crushing your confidence because you instantly feel like there’s something to apologize for. Even if that’s not the case!

Instead, I encourage you to turn the situation around into something positive.

For example, if you’re late to a meeting, choose an empowering statement like, “Thanks so much for your patience!” instead of “Sorry I’m late!”. Not only are you empowering yourself, but you’re making others in the room feel good, too.


Like I did with my personal trainer at the gym, lean on others for support.

When we ask for help from others who have confidence in the areas we’re lacking, we no longer have to fight our own battles. Not only will we boost our confidence in those spaces of our lives, but we are giving someone else the chance to support us. That makes them feel good, too.


Affirmations are a simple, yet effective, tool to help you boost your self-confidence. Affirmations work because the brain begins to shift its beliefs when we are actively repeating statements that might not be true at the time. Our bodies want to naturally correct that imbalance.

For example, try saying the affirmation I am confident and strong out loud. How does it feel? At first, that statement might feel a little silly or intimidating, but with daily use, you will begin to believe it yourself.

Interested in more affirmations? Check out my Pinterest board on affirmations!


…and know that you don’t have to be the best at everything you do. Or anything, really.

The next time you’re not feeling so confident, take some time to remember what your strengths are. Even writing down your top three strengths in a notebook will help you to feel an instant boost of confidence.

Confidence Boosting Tips


Still looking for more tips to gain self-confidence? Check out these 11 research-backed tips to help you boost your confidence!

Above all, start in an area that feels accessible and approachable to you. Once you have some proven habits in your back pocket, you’ll be able to use them in all areas of your life where a confidence boost is needed. Also, don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone!


I’m a big believer that self-care and confidence go hand-in-hand.

For starters, it takes confidence to start a self-care practice and starting a self-care practice can boost your confidence (and self-love!).

To get started on building your self-care routine, it’s important to learn more about out the habits of confident and successful women. These habits, over time, will help you to improve your confidence and feel like a happier you!

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