Five Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

There’s no doubt that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but there are some aspects to this new journey that many people leave out when talking about becoming a mother. Listen in for five things no one tells you about pregnancy.

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Episode 042 | May 12, 2020

What’s new this week

When I became pregnant, I knew a good amount of what to expect: morning sickness, hormone changes, a growing waistline, but there are many changes that no one warned me about. Listen in to hear what they are (and send this episode to a fellow expecting mama friend!).

I hope this episode is helpful for you, and if anything reminds you that you are not alone on this journey. Pregnancy can provoke all of the emotions, all at once, and that’s okay. You’ve got this, mama!

Topics Covered:

What’s happening around here lately | 1:05

It feels like everyone has an opinion | 4:44

Feeling all. the. things| 8:33

Google is (usually) not your friend | 13:34

Your body does some really weird stuff | 18:54

Additional Resources

I mentioned the idea of “fixing it and feeling it” in this episode, you can listen in to more about that topic and encouraging healthy communication in your relationships here.

Also, I’ve gathered up some helpful additional resources on pregnancy! Check them out below.

Before you go, make sure to grab your 50 five-minute self-care ideas I mentioned in the show and check out my newest book, the Holistic Self-Care Guided Journal.

no one tells you about being pregnant
things no one tells you about pregnancy

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