The Unexpected Benefits of Being Vulnerable | Carley Schweet

The Unexpected Benefits of Being Vulnerable

Vulnerability can feel intimidating and overwhelming, but the payoffs of opening up and sharing what’s on your mind can be worth a few moments of discomfort. Discover the power of vulnerability now!

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Episode 036 | December 10, 2019

What’s new this week

Whether it’s asking for help or putting yourself out into the world, being vulnerable can produce a variety of feelings and emotions – either exposed or empowered or somewhere in between. 

In this week’s episode, learn more about learning how to create your own happiness by harnessing the power of vulnerability. You’ll also discover what actually happens when you ask for help and communicate your needs to those who can support you. Plus, we dive into what happens when you’re too vulnerable – vulnerability hangover, anyone?

Topics Covered

Being Vulnerable Is Difficult | 3:34

What Happens When We’re Vulnerable | 6:05

Creating Your Happiness | 8:32

Asking For Help | 12:15

Vulnerable Around Creativity | 14:45

Too Vulnerable? | 16:20

Additional Resources

Check out the below resources to help you welcome more vulnerability into your life.

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