What You Should Know About Cannabis with Soul Addict Founder Laura White

Using hemp and conscious cannabis to self-care in a transformational way.

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Episode 002 | January 29, 2019


On this episode of You Time™, Laura White, the founder of Soul Addict – an organic hemp wellness and beauty brand – and I get honest about the healing powers of cannabis. If you have questions about hemp, she is your girl!

Laura spills the details on her very first experience with cannabis (it involved an entire box of Pop-Tarts) and how the plant continues to play a (major) part in her life today.

With fewer Pop-Tarts.

You’ll also hear about how hemp helped Laura overcome her overwhelming anxiety and doctor-diagnosed depression. Plus, Laura sheds light on two different types of cannabis and what conscious hemp means to Laura.

Also, she shares her take on transformational self-care and shines a light on the self-care practices she struggles with as a busy entrepreneur. Okay, and there’s an exciting new product announcement, too!* 

*Laura mentions August in the episode, but new products are anticipated to drop in April!

Topics covered

Common misconceptions with hemp | 11:40

What’s the difference between marijuana and hemp? | 11:57

Hemp and its impact on agriculture | 16:34

Using hemp for anxiety | 22:40

A big announcement! | 25:45

Important tips for buying hemp | 28:00

Laura’s self-care practices | 29:33

Her view on transformational self-care | 31:50

How to connect with Laura and Soul Addict | 41:15


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Also, if you want to read more about Laura’s story, Soul Addict, and why they’re different than other brands on the market, head to my blog for a full Soul Addict review.

Plus, you can read up and learn more about the different types of cannabis.

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