Tips for Effective Communication as a People-Pleaser

Are you a people-pleaser? Learning a few simple (but impactful) tips for effective communication can leave you feeling empowered and confident.

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Episode 017 | May 14, 2019


“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” – Brian Tracy

As a people-pleaser, it can feel next to impossible not only to recognize and acknowledge your needs but to communicate them effectively.

On this week’s episode of You Time™, I’m digging into how you can begin to feel more empowered when it comes to the words you choose to speak. You’ll also learn about people-pleasing communication as I’ve observed from not only working with clients for over four years but from being a people-pleaser myself for the majority of my life.

These tips for effective communication have the power to inspire change and completely shift your life.

Before you listen, you should know there’s some tough love in this episode! Know this comes from a place of love and seeing your WORTHINESS.

Topics covered

Why communication can feel hard as a people-pleaser | 1:30

Common emotions and the communication cycle | 3:08

Five action steps to create effective communication | 12:25

Ten ways to say No right now | 19:53

Additional resources

Ten ways to say No without feeling like a jerk:

1. Thanks for thinking of me but now is not a good time.

2. Thank you, I’ll have to pass.

3. Not at this time.

4. I appreciate your offer but I can’t at the moment.

5. I have too much on my plate to say yes.

6. No thanks!

7. No, but feel free to check back with me in (enter amount of time here).

8. Thanks for thinking of me, maybe next time?

9. Sounds fun! I’m not available at that time.

10. Unfortunately, that’s not something I can do at this moment. Thanks anyway!

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