Five Things to Know About C-Sections

If you think you might have a c-section birth, take a listen to this episode. I’m sharing (at least) five things you should know about having a c-section. 

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Episode 44 | May 26, 2020

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Often, pregnancy and birth don’t go as planned, and many women find themselves having a c-section for a variety of reasons. In fact, the global c-section rate is a whopping 21% according to an NPR article. That’s pretty alarming to me, to be honest.

After the birth of my breech baby via c-section, I quickly realized just how much I didn’t know about this procedure. I’m sharing that crucial information and some helpful tips with you on this episode of You Time.

what no one tells you about c-sections

Topics Covered:

The global rate of c-sections | 3:46

You’re fully awake…usually | 5:04

Sex can still hurt | 8:02

Bleeding happens| 10:31

Why your milk might be delayed | 13:01

Get a move on it, sister | 15:15

Catheter talk…you need to know! | 17:27

You’ve got this, mama! | 19:37

Additional Resources:

Here are some additional resources and things to know about c-sections:

Make sure to check out the c-section recovery kit ideas plus recovery tips that I put together. I hope you find it helpful in preparing for and recovering from your c-section.

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