The More You Know: Testing Your Fertility Hormones with Modern Fertility

Want kids one day? Listen in as I sat down with Modern Fertility co-founder and CCO Carly Leahy to chat about the power of fertility hormone testing and how Modern Fertility is changing the game for Millennials.

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Episode 014 | April 23, 2019


carly leahy modern fertility
Co-Founder and CCO of Modern Fertility, Carly Leahy

Did you know there are hormones in your body that are predictors of your fertility?

Yup! It’s true. 

Listen in as we dive deep into the world of fertility and how it relates to our generation.

Thanks to Modern Fertility, women all over the country are getting access to hormone blood panels at a fraction of the traditional cost.

From PCOS (did you know 1 in ten women have PCOS?) to the lesser-known POI to how Modern Fertility – an at home-blood test – works to Carly’s secret weapon in business – this episode is eye-opening and so damn real.

Curious to learn about my experience with Modern Fertility? Read now.

Topics covered

A look at what was missing on the market | 3:30

How Modern Fertility was born | 6:00

What Modern Fertility can do for you | 10:27

The process of testing your hormones with Modern Fertility | 15:28

Opening the dialogue: let’s talk about PCOS and POI | 20:56

The impact of synthetic hormones | 24:22

One thing Carly wished she knew when she was younger | 27:45

The life-changing power of kindness and compassion | 30:07

What transformational self-care means to Carly | 34:15

Carly’s experience with testing through Modern Fertility | 39:12

How Modern Fertility is different than at-home blood tests | 40:50

What Carly is working on with her self-care | 46:05

Additional resources

Learn more about Modern Fertility (and save some $$!)

Did today’s episode spark curiosity about your own fertility hormones?

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Also, you heard a bit about my experience testing my fertility hormones with Modern Fertility, but you can read my full review to learn more! At the end of the day, I believe that Modern Fertility has created an answer to the pressing question that’s on most millennial women’s minds – am I able to have kids and what’s that process going to potentially look like for me?


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