The Best Essential Oils for Back and Neck Discomfort

Essential oils have been all the rage lately and for good reason. They’re natural, holistic, and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Discover the best essential oils for supporting your back and neck discomfort.

There are hundreds of various essential oils, and they all have unique health benefits that can support the healing of just about any ailment you may be experiencing. From digestive issues to anxiety to neck and back discomfort, there is an essential oil to help you!

A warning about essential oils

Not all essential oils are created equally. Like all supplements, essential oils are not regulated by the FDA. This lack of regulation allows companies and manufacturers to fill essential oils with whatever they’d like – often toxic fillers and chemicals – and label the final product as something else.

Please do your research and purchase essential oils from reputable companies who are certified pure and therapeutic grade quality. Additionally, their oils should be third-party tested, and you, as a consumer, should have access to those results.

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Why essential oils work for discomfort

Essential oils work because they are extremely powerful and concentrated substances that come from the plants around us.

Essential oils are effective for discomfort, aches, muscle soreness, and more. Many people use essential oils to help neck and back discomfort if they are seeking a natural and holistic treatment method for managing neck and back discomfort. Essential oils, when used correctly, come with minimal side effects and health risks, are much safer and are not additive or dangerous.

In this post, we will explore the best essential oils for neck and back discomfort, safe ways to use essential oils, and if there are any risks associated with the use of essential oils. 

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The doctor’s picks: the best essential oils for back and neck discomfort

There are so many different types of essential oils to choose from, but there are a handful in particular that are exceptional for treating back and neck discomfort.

First, it’s important to consider where back and neck discomfort can stem from. Often, this discomfort can come from sore muscles, tension, etc. and there are specific oils to help with all of these ailments. Let’s take a peek at some of the best options below. 


Peppermint oil does wonders for supporting a healthy inflammatory response, tension, and discomfort in the neck and back muscles.

Peppermint contains menthol, which soothes muscles that are sore and achy. The menthol creates a cooling effect on the skin that feels soothing and relaxing to your muscles. Peppermint is helps reduce any associated inflammatory responses in the affected area. Shop peppermint now.


If your muscles are spasming and feel tense, marjoram can help with those feelings of discomfort. Shop marjoram now.


Similar to both peppermint and marjoram, Helichrysum helps to combat muscle spasms and discomfort in the neck and back. Shop Helichrysum now.


We all know that lavender is supposed to help combat anxious feelings, but it is also wonderful for helping with discomfort in the neck and back. Lavender calms and relaxes sore muscles while also relieving the discomfort associated with it in the affected area. Shop lavender now.

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Eucalyptus has a similar soothing and cooling effect as peppermint, but it is a bit less pungent than rubbing peppermint oil on your affected area. It feels both soothing and cool on your skin. Shop eucalyptus now.


Cypress has an earthy and woodsy scent that many people love, but some also hate! Whatever boat you are in, if you have neck and back discomfort that is also accompanied by tension, cypress can help with that. It helps to support a healthy inflammatory response and muscle spasms. Shop cypress now.


Similar to the benefits of cypress, sandalwood helps cultivate a healthy inflammatory response in muscles and can help reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms in the neck and back. Shop sandalwood now.

Ginger, black pepper and clove

These three powerful essential oils all help with similar things associated with neck and back discomfort.

They all help treat discomfort and are great for using on the neck and the back. These oils are strong and feel warm on the skin and may produce a slight warming or tingling sensation where you rub them on your neck or back. If you find the oils are too warm, apply a gentle carrier oil to the area.

Ginger, black pepper, and clove help you fight muscle discomfort naturally and effectively. Shop these oils now now.

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Safe ways to use essential oils

Despite some fear associated with using essential oils, when used properly and safely, essential oils are safe to use and much less dangerous than drugs.

Essential oils are strong, powerful, and concentrated oils. Thousands of pounds of peppermint leaves are in one small bottle of peppermint essential oil, so taking precautions when using such a powerful substance is necessary.

Since you will be using these essential oils topically to help relieve neck and back discomfort, more often than not, you will want to use a carrier oil with the essential oil(s) of your choice. A carrier oil dilutes the concentration of the essential oil, making it less intense and powerful on the skin. Sometimes using a pure essential oil on the skin can cause burns or irritation on sensitive skin, so you can avoid this by using a carrier oil.

For some individuals who don’t have particularly sensitive skin can use a gentler oil, such as lavender, without the need for a carrier oil. If you are interested in doing this, it is recommended to test a small spot on your hand before rubbing the lavender oil in a larger place on your body. If no irritation occurs, you can proceed with using the oil on the neck and back.

As mentioned above, you also need to make sure you are using pure essential oils from a reputable company. Low-quality essential oils can be diluted with fillers, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients.

When looking for a high-quality and reliable essential oil company, look for organic oils when possible and ensure the company posts third-party test results that showcase the authenticity and purity of their essential oils. 

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Risks and worries associated with essential oils

As with most things in life, even with the purest and most natural things, risks can occur. While essential oils are overwhelmingly safe, too much of anything can be harmful. If you only eat broccoli every day is massive quantities, broccoli can become a health risk as well! The same goes for using essential oils.

As we discussed above, certain hot essential oils can cause irritation on the skin if they are not diluted in a carrier oil. To avoid this, use a carrier oil to lessen the strength of an essential oil. 

You also do not want to use photosensitive oils in the sun as they can cause burns to the skin. These oils are citrus-based oils and should not be applied before going out in the sun. 

In the end, essential oils are a safe, natural, and effective way to treat back and neck discomfort. Give one or more of the above oils a try and get back to feeling your best in no time at all!

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