Worthiness: The One Thing Holding You Back from the Life You Desire Most

Learn why finally owning your worth has the power to change your life and what you can do about it if you don’t feel ready to do so

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Episode 013 | April 16, 2019


To be worthy does not mean to be perfect.

Behind all of the layers of bullsh*t, there is one common factor that holds you back from calling in the life/job/relationship you’ve been dreaming of and that one thing is worthiness.

On this week’s episode of You Time™, I’m covering all things worthiness, including:

  • How a (perceived) lack of worthiness affects everything
  • Where this belief of not being worthy shows up in your life
  • Why we believe our limiting beliefs and allow them to become the narrative of our life
  • and what to do about all of this!

If you’re ready to break free of the stories that have been holding you back and finally take your life back into your own hands, then girl, listen in. This episode holds the reality check you’ve been seeking.

Topics covered

An introduction to worthiness | 1:06

How a perceived lack of worthiness impacts our life | 2:29

The one thing we all have in common | 7:30

How a scarcity mentality affects your worth | 8:21

Where a lack of worthiness shows up in your life | 10:27

A reminder that we don’t have it all figured out | 13:28

Why we believe our limiting beliefs | 15:10

The relationship between limiting beliefs and worthiness | 19:06

The typical pattern I’ve noticed with people-pleasers | 20:00

What you can do about changing your worthiness right now | 21:22

Additional resources

For under $100, I will provide the keys you need to expand your worthiness and change everything.

Worthy™ was created after years of studying people-pleasers and watching women continuously neglect their happiness in a never-ending effort to please others.

Overwhelmingly, the common block that held these incredible women back from setting boundaries, saying No, and making positive changes in their lives was an overall belief that they were not worthy enough to do so. They were also too f*cking scared to make a move when it came right down to it.

Are you one of these women?

This course will guide you through three modules to help you become unblocked and start to see that you are worthy.


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