The Art of Learning How to Say No

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Episode 015 | April 30, 2019


Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough. – Josh Billings

Learning how to say No is more complicated than not saying Yes. Many find that saying No is difficult to do and that simple fact holds them have from saying No in the first place.

On this week’s episode of You Time™, Carley dives into why saying No can have a positive impact on your life and what’s required to unlearn this little two-letter word.

Topics covered

How saying No can positively impact your life | 4:14

Why we have trouble using the word No | 6:28

What’s required when it comes to saying No | 7:36

Unlearning the idea that No is a “bad” word | 10:36

Some simple tips to begin to say No | 13:40

What are you currently saying Yes to all too often? | 22:33

Additional Resources

Worthy™ was created after years of studying people-pleasers and watching women continuously neglect their happiness in a never-ending effort to please others.

Overwhelmingly, the common block that held these incredible women back from setting boundaries, saying No, and making positive changes in their lives was an overall belief that they were not worthy enough to do so. They were also too f*cking scared to make a move when it came right down to it.

Are you one of these women?

This course will guide you through three modules to help you become unblocked and start to see that you are worthy.


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