There are so many reasons to start a Thrive Market Membership today.

Is thrive market worth it? Why? You can save money on everyday items and get my favorite organic self care products at wholesale prices. Not to mention, everything will be delivered right to your door!

I joined Thrive Market in 2014 when they first launched. I received discount access after attending a wellness workshop in NYC, and, admittedly, it took me a few months to join. Thrive Market operates off of a annual membership fee, much like Costco, and I wasn’t really sure if Thrive Market really was cheaper. Also, I already had an Amazon Prime membership, so I was slightly concerned my Thrive membership just be redundant and remain unused.

Oh boy, was I so wrong.

So, what is Thrive Market? If you’re not familiar with Thrive Market, it’s a membership-based website that can help you save money on your favorite organic products so you’ll never have to pay retail prices again. Shopping with Thrive is kind of like an experience you’d get if Whole Foods, Costco, and Amazon all had a baby. Basically, you’re getting all of the items you’d purchase at Whole Foods, at the price of Costco, with the shipping time almost that of an Amazon Prime membership (it took about three days to get my goods, but I’m guessing it depends where you live within the country).

What’s not to love?

For someone like me who is obsessed with having a house filled with non-toxic and organic products for my daily self care rituals, Thrive Market is absolute must for me and our credit card bill. One can only take so much shopping at Whole Foods before we begin to not-so-lovingly refer to it as Whole Paycheck.


To help show you what a yearly membership with Thrive Market can save you, check out the savings from one of my recent Thrive Market orders. Notice how I saved over $100 and still donated $10.34 to help a family in need through their Thrive Gives program.

Order total with over $100 in savings.

Still not convinced? Compare the prices from Thrive, Amazon, and the MRSP on the below chart. I’ve listed my favorite self care products that I always have on-hand.

Note: these prices are accurate as of April 16th, 2018.





Thrive: $6.79
Amazon: $13.37
MSRP: $8.99

Thrive: $6.29
Amazon: $9.40
MSRP: $10.29

Thrive: $8.99
MSRP: $13.95

Thrive: $9.79
Amazon: $12.99
MSRP: $12.99

Thrive: $27.99
Amazon: $46.15
MSRP: $47.85


I mean, come on. I’m actually mad because I have at one point bought my favorite GoMacro bars off of Amazon and scoffed at the price (still bought them anyway…). Your savings alone on this order would be more than 50% of the Thrive Market annual $60 membership!








Free stuff. I feel like every other time I login to place an order, Thrive Market is usually offering some sort of freebie with an order over a certain value. I’m talking like a good freebie, one that I would normally pay full-price for at Whole Foods.

Check out one of the recent goodies I was gifted! Let’s see if you can spot it…

Order confirmation with free Dr. Bronner's Rose soap

Also, if you haven’t tried those Wholesome Organic Delish Fish, you’re really missing out. I’m just saying, if you were to check my order history, there may or may not be a bag in each order.

Okay, so other than frequently hitting the freebie jackpot and saving a lot of money on my favorite products, here are some other great Thrive Market benefits:

  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Quick and responsive customer service – one time, our order got lost in the mail, so I called to inquire about it. They immediately dispatched another order free of charge! The first box ended up showing up a few days later and they told me to just keep them both.
  • Their selection keeps on growing and growing. They recently added an entire fresh meat and fish department and introduced Thrive-branded products for even more savings.
  • Option to donate a portion of your savings to help out a family in need.
  • The Saving Guarantee aka if you don’t save enough money to cover the cost of your membership, they will automatically add the difference to your account after you renew your membership for the following year.


Absolutely. One other thing I forgot to mention was the care and diligence that goes into packing and shipping each and every order. I took some pictures of my most recent order so you could see for yourself!

The liquid items or products that might leak are packaged by item in a resealable bag. I save these bags to re-use them later! Also, glass and fragile items are triple protected, with a resealable bag, tissue paper, and packing paper. I’ve never had an issue with something from Thrive Market arriving defective or broken, but, I’m sure it’d be taken care of quickly if that wasn’t the case.

If you have any questions about your Thrive Market order, I suggest checking out their FAQ page.

Also, you can see that each and every order is hand-verified by the packer, and even includes a handwritten thank you and initials. That makes me feel better that Thrive Market is doing all they can to ensure order accuracy! Like I’ve said, I’ve never had a problem.

Every box from Thrive Market comes nicely packed
Thrive-branded Seaweed snacks
Triple-protected and Thrive-branded tomato sauce
Packing slip with total savings

At the end of the day, between the quality organic products, quick shipping time, and major discount, I can fully say that I highly recommend getting started with a Thrive Market wholesale membership. Something I might not have emphasized enough is the convenience of getting all of my favorite organic products delivered right to my house. Whether you live in the busy city or the remote country, Thrive Market is worth it!


Simply click the banner below to get started with your discounted Thrive Market membership. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any questions about getting started with Thrive. I’d be happy to help! A Thrive Market membership is totally worth it.



Thrive Market is like Whole Foods meets Amazon meets Costco and I couldn’t live without it. Thank goodness it gives me access to so many amazing health products.
– Kimberly E.



Carley is the self-care coach and author of the book and digital course, Boundaries with Soul™.

After years of people-pleasing in the corporate fashion industry in New York City, she finally realized there was more to life than being a chronic yes-woman. By practicing transformational self-care, she gained more confidence and discovered that by making her needs a priority, real happiness would soon follow.

Carley is the host of the You Time™ Podcast, and her work is featured on major media outlets such as MindBodyGreen, Bustle, Hello Giggles, and Elite Daily.