Is Coffee Bad During Pregnancy? A Closer Look with trücup and Wendy Ellis, ND

As the old belief goes, coffee (and caffeine, for that matter) is a big no-no for expectant mothers. Is that really the truth? We dive into this controversial topic on this week’s episode.

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Episode 44 | May 26, 2020

What’s new this week

I sit down with Wendy Ellis, ND, and RJ Selfridge, the director of coffee at trücup, to discuss the benefits of coffee – specifically, low-acid coffee like trücup – and we dive deeper into if coffee is harmful during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even pre-conception.

Wendy and RJ debunk longstanding coffee myths left and right and provide solid data-backed evidence in defense of coffee.

As always, please consult with your healthcare team before making any dietary changes if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

pregnant woman drinking coffee

About Wendy Ellis

Wendy Ellis, ND received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine in 2002 after graduating from the University of New England in Maine with a BS in medical biology.  Her clinical experience ranges from practicing as a primary care physician in Nicaragua and Haiti, to working as a clinical specialist in the translational science department for Arivale, a genetic wellness company. 

She has been in private practice for 15 years, with a focus on integrative/functional medicine for women in the menopausal transition.

When she is not seeing patients, Dr. Ellis loves to travel, run trails with her dog, and spend time boating in Puget Sound with her family. She and her husband have three children, their family resides in Seattle with their golden retriever Tucker and James the Norwegian forest cat. 

Dr. Wendy Ellis, ND

About RJ Selfridge

Prior to trücup, Selfridge was Senior Adviser to the Chairman of Foodx Globe Company Ltd., a Japanese Holding Company that operates food service and other retail concepts in countries around the world. Joining Foodx in 2001, and relocating to Tokyo, Japan, Selfridge facilitated the rapid expansion of Tully’s Coffee brand in Japan – from 23 stores in 2001 to over 500 stores when he left the company. 

Before joining Tully’s, Selfridge managed the Restaurant Division Headquarters at Nordstrom, the high-end specialty retailer based in Seattle. Under the Headquarters umbrella, Selfridge oversaw Corporate Catering, Expresso Bar Operations, Retail Food Product Development, and New Restaurant Concept Development. 

RJ Selfridge, trücup

Topics Covered:

The Story of trücup | 5:07

Medical benefits of coffee consumption | 9:03

Drinking coffee during pregnancy | 11:31

Effects to your developing baby | 16:41

What coffee means to the coffee drinker | 26:00

Debunking adrenal fatigue | 27:25

Coffee beans and decaf | 35:15

Coffee can and cannots | 39:07

Caffeine, don’t just blame coffee | 40:55

New biodegradable trücup | 44:20

Additional Resources:

If you’re interested in learning more about trücup, head to to discover the power of low-acid coffee. trücup is available for purchase in biodegradable pods and whole bean bags in light, medium, and dark roast.

Looking for other pregnancy-related resources? Discover more about caring for yourself during pregnancy here.


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