Did You Hear? I Wrote a New Book!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the email of my dreams landed in my inbox…

When I was 32 weeks pregnant, an email landed in my inbox that blew me away. See, when I was prepping for maternity leave, I told myself there are only two opportunities I would commit to if I got the chance.

These would-not-say-no opportunities were being a guest on Oprah and writing another book with a publisher.

Well, while I won’t be going on Oprah any time soon, I did publish a new book!

Well, technically, it’s a journal. An entire journal dedicated to helping you create and hone in on your holistic self-care practices, that’s why it’s titled the Holistic Self-Care Guided Journal.

And guess what?! It’s currently available for pre-sale on Amazon!

Sales Image

Why you need this journal

The world we’re living in is quickly changing. It’s becoming an even more overwhelming and stressful place to live, and more than ever, people are craving connection to themselves and the people surrounding them.

The five sections of the journal hold the tools you need to strengthen the various relationships in your life. It has an entire section dedicated to nurturing yourself – mind, body, and soul – and another dedicated to becoming more involved with your community.

Within the pages, you’ll find holistic guidance and wisdom for adding extra love and care to every aspect of your life. After all, transformational self-care is a profound practice that requires you to examine every part of yourself and the world around you.

Why this journal means so much to me

Deeping and strengthening the way you care for yourself (and others) is why I created this journal. As you may already know, I believe that self-care is way more than face masks and quarantine baking. It’s about digging into the soul of who you are and what you require for happiness and then prioritizing those needs.

Self-care changed my life in my early twenties. Through the power of self-care, I transformed from a full-blown people-pleaser to the recovering people-pleaser that I am today.

This journal is designed to help you build your best self-care practices and reclaim your relationship with yourself – addressing everything from nurturing your mind-set to organizing your personal space to reaching out to your community.



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