How to Ask for Help (and Actually Get It)

Speaking up and asking for support from others isn’t always easy, but it’s often the ticket to improving our health and wellness. Here’s now.

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Episode 041 | May 5, 2020

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Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and resentful can stem from taking on too much and assuming complete responsibility for many areas of your life. Learning how to recognize when you’re doing too much and subsequently asking others for help and encouragement isn’t always easy, but often, it’s necessary to do so.

In this episode, we’re covering why support is critical – whether you’re a new mom or a burned-out employee (or both!) – and how you can courageously ask for what you need.

Topics Covered

My support story | 2:06

Why we don’t ask for help | 5:06

The “not busy enough” trap | 8:00

Fears that we won’t be supported | 9:14

Common signs you need support | 13:32

How do you ask for help? | 23:50

Additional Resources

Learning to ask for help (and actually get it) is a lifelong learning process. Here are some resources that can help you take the next step:



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