Holiday Self-Care Tips + Setting Boundaries

Are you feeling the holiday stress? You need these holiday self-care tips! Learning how to create self-care and set effective boundaries this holiday season can empower you to show up as the most joyful version of yourself. Listen in to learn how!

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Episode 030 | October 29, 2019

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The holidays are usually a time filled with joy, friends, family, and a lot of yummy food – but not always. Quite quickly, this time of year can transform into an extremely stressful time due to the number of commitments and travel that tend to pile up.

Do the holidays leave you feeling burned out, resentful, and downright exhausted? The simple holiday self-care tips I’m sharing in this episode will help to manage the holiday stress before it begins to take a toll on your happiness.

Topics covered

The difference between internal and external boundaries | 2:19

Why are boundaries so important? | 3:38

What happens when you don’t set boundaries | 4:54

Setting boundaries during the holidays | 6:16

Creating transformational self-care | 9:16

Why you need self-care during the holidays | 11:08

Proactive vs. reactive self-care | 11:50

Learn to prioritize your holiday time | 13:10

Tips for simple self-care practices | 16:26[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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