My Postpartum Workout Routine: Use My Every Mother Discount Code

Recovering from birth is hard work. Around five weeks postpartum, I started taking walks daily with my little one. I slowly increased the distance from a mile up to two and have continued to walk daily.

Twelve weeks after giving birth (and post-c-section), I wasn’t sure where to start my postpartum workout routine. I was finally feeling up for an increase in physical activity and felt excited to begin to gain my strength back.

After doing some research, I stumbled upon the Every Mother workout program and was so excited to see that it checked all of my boxes – mainly that I could complete the daily workouts during naptime.

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Note: Please consult your medical care provider and receiver proper clearance before starting any postpartum workout program.

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Why I chose the Every Mother workout program

There aren’t a lot of easy-to-follow postpartum workout plans out there, and even fewer that encourage the healing of Diastasis Recti throughout the program.

Below are some of the main reasons I chose to move forward with incorporating Every Mother into my postpartum workout program.

  • Easy to do at home and with minimal equipment
  • A done-for-you path (no picking out random classes required)
  • Helps to resolve Diastasis Recti (I have a mild case – about one finger width gap)
  • The workouts can be completed in 30 minutes or less

As I write this, I’m on day 25 of the Every Mother workout program, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have found it. I feel more empowered and confident with each passing day. Not to mention, my energy has improved, and I look forward to “my time” every day.

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woman working out after pregnancy

The journey of my postpartum body

To start, I’d like to share that I’m very much against the whole idea of getting your pre-baby body “back.”

Did you lose your physical body at some point? Nope.

Instead, your body underwent an incredible transformation – growing and giving birth to a new life – and nowhere along the way was your body lost.

Sure, it changed and it morphed, but it also performed a miracle. Please remember this fact as you begin to take on your postpartum workout routine. Focus on having patience with yourself and the process.

Below are two images of myself (I can’t believe I’m sharing these!) that capture the change of my body over three months postpartum.

postpartum body picture
One month postpartum and post c-section
every mother promo code for postpartum workout results
3.5 months postpartum (26 days into EM)

Also, I’m not one for weighing myself and taking measurements, but I decided to take measurements for the sake of hoping to feel inspired by my journey – it worked! With Every Mother, you measure your waist and diastasis recti on day one and again on day 21. Check out my progress below.

waist size chart every mother
In 21 days, I lost an inch from my waist and two inches from my abdominals.

diastasis recti workout
My diastasis recti improved in width and depth (I had a slight opening to begin with).

An important note: because I am breastfeeding as well as pumping frequently, I’m careful to eat enough to not only cover calories burned from milk production but also from working out.

If you are nursing, ensure that you are eating enough for your activity levels (including breastfeeding), or else your milk supply could take a critical hit. I’ve found that high-protein snacks and lots of water are essential for keeping my supply at its typical levels.

A deeper look at the Every Mother workout program

Okay, let’s dive in and take a closer look at what you can expect when you begin your Every Mother workout program.

The Every Mother workout app

Thanks to the handy app, it’s super easy to keep up with your daily workout. Yes, I said daily, but don’t be intimidated! You’re not doing an intense exercise each day. Instead, you’re working on correcting your abdominal muscles through a short 10-minute daily video. Then, on top of this video, you’ll have a 20-27 minute workout every other day or so.

I save this portion of my workout to do as part of my bedtime routine while I’m pumping with my hands-free breast pump—multitasking at its finest.

Also, inside the app you’ll find that there are various guided paths that you can choose to embark on.

  • Fit at Home – a ten-day at-home workout using only a resistance band
  • Early Postpartum – supports women less than six weeks postpartum
  • Reclaim Light – for women 12+ weeks postpartum and who are new to exercise
  • Reclaim Classic – for women 12+ weeks postpartum and my current path
  • Additional bonus programs such as travel programs and core intensives
Every Mother app and discount code
The peek at the list of program path options
Every Mother promo code after app use
A look inside the Reclaim Classic program

What you’ll need for your Every Mother workouts

Depending on the workout path you choose, the equipment you’ll need may vary. In general, it’s best to have the below items on-hand.

  • yoga mat
  • a light set of weights
  • a heavy set of weights
  • resistance band
  • a small stool
  • an empty wall
  • a small pillow
  • a water bottle

As I mentioned above, the workouts are anywhere from 10-30 minutes and can be completed during nap-time in your living room. Make that time for you, mama!

Ready to get started with Every Mother workouts?

If you’re feeling inspired (and you’re cleared by your medical provider) to ease back into working out – go you! You can sign up for Every Mother here.

If you’re not quite ready for a workout plan – go you! Kudos to listening to your body. Remember, there is no perfect or ideal timeline for recovery. In the meantime, support yourself physically and mentally by checking out some self-care resources for motherhood.

Want to try Every Mother?


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