Amazing Benefits of Dry Brushing for Smooth Skin and a Healthy Body

I seriously couldn’t believe all the benefits of dry brushing I discovered after two short weeks of incorporating it into my self-care routine.

I started dry brushing as part of my Sakara Life Level II Detox protocol in May 2018. At first, the brushing movement hurt my skin so much, no matter how gentle I was. After about three sessions, I started to look forward to my time spent dry brushing.

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As someone who has lived with keratosis pilaris for over 15 years, I’ve struggled to find solutions to clear up those annoying red bumps on my arms. Never did I think that dry brushing (paired with consuming less gluten) would be the solution I was searching for all along.

benefits of dry brushing

Does dry brushing really work?

Aside from the incredible (and fast) changes I discovered from dry brushing, there are countless more benefits that you can receive from regular dry brushing.

  • Evens out the appearance of skin tone and minimizes the size of pores
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage to help your body naturally flush out toxins and remove them from the body
  • Decreases the appearance of cellulite through improved circulation

Of course, the effectiveness of dry brushing depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. Rest assured, if you’re looking to improve your skin tone or support the elimination of toxins from your body, you’ll surely see results.

Also, not to mention, the exfoliating process (that’s what helps my Keratosis Pilaris) of dry brushing leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother, and is excellent for pesky ingrown hairs.

Additionally, dry brushing can help to improve your circulation, which can then increase your energy, as well as help the body break down toxins stored within your fat. Hence why one of the benefits of dry brushing is the decrease in cellulite.

Honestly, even though I didn’t fully enjoy it at first, dry brushing is now something I look forward to. I’ve discovered that it has so many holistic benefits, plus it gives me a few moments to focus on me.

How to dry brush correctly

The technique for dry brushing is pretty simple and takes just a few minutes each day. First, select which dry brush you’d like to use. Check out some different options below! I use a brush similar to the Touch Me Looped dry brush.

Whichever dry brush you pick, make sure to pick one with natural bristles and consider if you’d like a short or long handle. Longer handles make it easier to get your back and the backs of your legs, but I prefer the non-handle or short-handled brushes because I feel like I have more control.

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After you’ve selected your dry brush, you’re ready to get started! It’s that simple. I recommend taking 3-5 minutes every morning and/or evening to dry brush before hopping in the shower. I wouldn’t suggest getting your dry brush wet, as the natural fibers could be prone to mold over time. Some people like to dry brush while standing in the shower (with the water off), as you’ll see some dead skin flying around your bathroom, especially the first few times you do it.

Once you’ve found your dry brushing spot, simply take the brush and brush gently along your skin towards your heart center in long and even strokes. Take special care to get your back, the backs of your legs, stomach (use circular motions here to encourage digestion), and even your toes!

Also, unless you have a facial dry brush (I’ve heard great things about this one), I wouldn’t recommend using your regular dry brush on your face. Your face is so delicate that the exfoliation process might be a bit too abrasive and irritating.

After you’ve successfully brushed your entire body, hop in the shower to rinse off all the dead skin cells.

dry brushing benefits

Incorporating dry body brushing into your self-care routine

Dry brushing is a beautiful self-care practice, one that encourages you to slow down and connect with your body. After just a few times doing this practice, I would myself craving the routine every morning and night. It’s like my body instantly knew how beneficial dry brushing was and wanted more and more and more.

I’ve since created a self-care routine around the practice of dry brushing. Since I tend to take a full shower at night, I will just do a quick cold rinse in the morning after my AM session. The cool water, paired with the dry brushing, encourages my lymphatic system to start working, and I instantly feel more energized.

After my quick rinse off, I layer on my favorite Herbivore body oil (I love both Jasmine and Coconut) and continue my regular daily self-care routine.

In the evening, I dry brush and mke sure to pay extra attention to my stomach as the gentle circular motions aid with digestion. Then, I take my shower, layer on more body oil, and get ready for bed.

Adding in this simple practice has not only changed the way I look, but it’s also given me one more moment throughout my busy day that I have to myself. There truly is something so relaxing and rewarding about an extra ten minutes to nourish and do something good for yourself.

Think you may know more benefits of dry brushing? Feel free to comment them below and let me know what you think!


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