Why Am I Addicted to Sugar? A Look at Sugar Consumption and People-Pleasing

Have you ever considered that your people-pleasing ways might affect your sugar cravings? It’s true. Listen in to take a closer look at the relationship between people-pleasing and sugar consumption.

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Episode 029 | October 22, 2019

What’s new this week

 In my early to mid-twenties, I was completely addicted to sugar. I couldn’t go a day without eating some form of it to excess. It wasn’t until I uncovered my people-pleasing ways that my sugar addiction began to lessen.

Listen in to this week’s episode to learn all about sugar addiction, including tips to break your sugar cravings and why we crave sugar as people-pleasers.

Topics covered

My story with sugar addiction | 1:00

Why do people-pleasers turn to sugar? | 5:35

Sobering sugar statistics | 9:16

Sugar is not self-care | 11:45

Why am I addicted to sugar? How do I know? | 14:40

The symptoms of sugar addiction | 16:00

The truths surrounding sugar cravings | 18:55

Five tips to help you break your sugar addiction | 21:40

Additional resources

Looking for more resources on sugar addiction and people-pleasing? I’ve curated a list for you below.

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Book: Easy Sugar Break-Up


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