Why It’s Time to Cancel Snapback Culture with Nastasia Scott

New moms can often feel the pressure to ‘snapback’ to their body pre-baby. Often, that pressure causes more harm than good.

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063 | December 1st, 2020

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In this week’s episode of You Time, Nastastia Scott, the founder of Moms Who Chill, sit down to talk some real talk about pregnancy and motherhood. We dive deep into what it means to cancel snapback culture, and what snapback culture is in the first place.

This episode is a must-listen for new or expecting moms.

Topics Covered:

What is Snapback Culture? | 4:45

Putting Pressure on Yourself | 12:56

The Second Pregnancy | 21:42

Those Who Care | 35:18

Goals For Breaking the Stigma | 45:45

Final Questions | 49:34

About Nastasia Scott

HI! My name is Nastasia. I am a mom of two boys, business owner, and certified life coach. I am a former teacher as well as a former model. My work’s purpose is helping women set and achieve their goals, build true and sustainable confidence, and personal identity.

I also want to break society’s expectations of mothers, which is what led me to create the Cancel Snapback Culture movement. Snapback culture is the pressure society can place on mothers to “bounce back” to their pre-baby bodies shortly after giving birth. The Cancel Snapback Culture movement is about not rushing ourselves to look the way we once did, because when we become mothers, we become new in so many ways.

The Cancel Snapback Culture tees and sweatshirts are available on my site www.threadconnectionco.com (search Cancel Snapback Culture in the search bar) . My blog Moms Who Chilll , is community of moms who just want to make mom life easier for us all. There we focus on honest motherhood, and living authentically, while sharing mom hacks and tips.

To follow the blog go to www.momswhochilll.com. My socials are @nastasiascott @momswhochilll and @threadconnection. I would love to see you all there.


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