Talking NYC and Self-Care with Trovven Travel

I had the pleasure to chat about all things self-care in the big apple with Trovven Travel, a travel company dedicated to being the not-so-typical travel agency. With Trovven, you can expect hand-selected vacations curated by someone who feels like your friend. 

NYC living can be tough. Between the crowds, the lines, and go go go mentality, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain a normal heart-rate, never mind a healthy peace of mind. 

That why we’re chatting with Carley Schweet, a Seattle-based wellness coach who, following a long stint in NYC, can seriously relate to our all-too-common life-induced panic attacks!

Carley’s here with some refreshing insight into the NYC grind: how to survive it, how to escape it, and how to stay balanced when the rest of the world might feel upside down. 

Check out the full interview to learn about how to manage the modern stresses and anxieties of NYC, my travel essentials, and why NYC will always have my heart.


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