Step Three: Growing your Self-Worth and Confidence

Why your feelings of low self-worth hold you back from setting boundaries and what you can do to change it.

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Episode 007 | March 5, 2019

If you have a block against setting boundaries in your life, it’s highly possible that feelings of low self-worth or a lack of confidence could be holding you back from making necessary changes.

In this episode of You Time™, Carley explains her third step in her Boundaries with Soul™ Method and examines:

  • Common (and not-so-common) signs of low self-worth
  • Why feeling worthy is necessary to set healthy boundaries
  • How small changes in communication can empower you and grow your confidence
  • Using affirmations to inspire change

This episode is for: anyone who feels like they lack confidence when it comes to making the life-altering changes required for happiness.

Topics covered

More about the Boundaries with Soul™ Digital Course | 1:09

The typical signs of low self-confidence | 4:25

Some not-so-common signs of low self-worth | 8:07

Why do we need to feel confident and worthy enough to make a change? | 12:31

Three steps to empower your communication right now | 18:04

Using affirmations to improve your confidence | 24:47

Additional resources

Learn more about the Boundaries with Soul™ Digital Course. Psst! You can save 10% with code BOUNDARIES at checkout.


Boundaries with Soul by Carley Schweet

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