Rose Essential Oil Benefits for Your Wellbeing

Known as one of the earth’s most precious oils, rose essential oil is potent, powerful, and soothing. Learn more about rose essential oil benefits and why this oil should be a part of your self-care practice.

Essential oils are volatile compounds found within various parts of plants. These compounds are extracted and used to support health and wellness issues of all kinds – from menstrual cramps to skincare to skin irritation.

What happens when you take one of the most delicate and fragrant flowers and create an essential oil? You end up with the incredibly versatile, gentle yet effective, and precious oil known as Rose.

To put the strength of rose essential oil into perspective, did you know that it takes 10,000 rose petals to create a small 5mL bottle? That’s why this oil is so incredibly rare and precious (and expensive!).

It’s important to note that not all essential oils are created equally, so it’s important to purchase your essential oils from a well-known brand that third-party tests their oils—more on that below.

What is rose essential oil?

For the sake of simplicity, let’s examine rose essential oil from doTERRA.

The rose oil from doTERRA is known as Rosa Damascus because the oil comes from the Damask rose plant, which is grown and harvested in Bulgaria. Since rose petals are so delicate, the steam distillation process happens that very same day.

The process of harvesting and distilling rose essential oil is very labor-intensive and requires a considerable amount of skill, which also lends to the high price tag per bottle.

vase of rose and essential oils

The tops health + wellness benefits of rose oil

The health and wellness benefits that rose oil can provide is quite astounding. Studies show that rose oil has dozens of positive effects on overall health, and although it carries a hefty price tag, it is a worthwhile investment given the numerous benefits.

Rose oil can help to:

  • Boost libido
  • Balance hormones
  • Help encourage clear skin
  • Protect against environmental threats
  • Act as a natural perfume (I add it to a rollerball to use as a deodorant!)
  • Ease skin irritations
  • Boost immune function
dried rose petals for skincare

Other rose essential oil benefits

Like I mentioned above, there are many benefits to using pure rose essential oil. Additionally, I think it’s necessary to highlight using rose oil during pregnancy and motherhood as there are many benefits in doing so.

In pregnancy

Note: it’s generally advised to avoid the use of essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy. Also, please consult your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements or herbal remedies.

In early motherhood

  • Studies show that inhaling rose oil can help ease PPD in high-risk women
  • Can help ease anxious feelings and provide calming relief
  • Act as a natural perfume or deodorant
  • Can help encourage hormone balance while breastfeeding
pregnant women with a plant

My personal rose essential oil blends

The below rollerball blends and simple to make and easy to use! All you’ll need in addition to the essential oils are 10 mL glass rollerballs (like these!) and the designated carrier oils.

Glowing skin blend

To make this blend for glowing skin, simply add ten drops of frankincense and five drops of rose essential oil. Top with organic jojoba oil (I like this one) and use day and night on face and neck.

Calming blend

This blend is a supportive option for both pregnancy and early motherhood.

Simply add ten drops of lavender oil five drops of rose essential oil to your rollerball and top with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to the inside of wrists as needed.

Immune support blend

Keep your immune system on-point with this simple immune-boosting blend.

Simply mix five drops of frankincense, five drops of cedarwood, and five drops of rose essential oil to your rollerball and top with fractionated coconut oil. Apply to the back of your neck along your spine morning and night.

Also, this immune blend could even be used for the glowing skin blend, if needed!

essential oil rollerballs

Side effects and proper dosage

In general, when used properly, high-quality essential oils come with little to no side effects. The most common issue users run into is skin irritation, but that can be avoided by simply patch-testing an oil on your skin before using it.

Also, I’ve mentioned, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is essential to consult with your doctor before incorporating essential oils into your regimen.

Why I use doTERRA rose essential oil

When choosing an essential oil, it’s critical to purchase from a company that provides high-quality and third-party tested products. Like all supplements, essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, meaning that companies can claim whatever they’d like on the label.

Shop the rose oil I use and trust in bottle and rollerball form.

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