My Quick and Easy Non-Toxic Makeup Routine (In Under Three Minutes!)

Thanks to quarantine life, I don’t typically wear makeup, but when I do, I prefer to keep it minimalist and natural. Here’s my quick and easy makeup routine (non-toxic, of course!)

Let’s start with the most critical factor to me when it comes to skincare: it must be as non-toxic as possible. Our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Not only does it enter your blood, but these products must also be processed by the liver to help the body break them down and eliminate it as necessary. Wild, right?

There are many other reasons I choose non-toxic makeup and skincare, and honestly, it’s a post for another day. Let’s keep going so I can share my quick and easy makeup routine with you!

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Top-picks for my makeup routine

As a new mom, I now fully understand and appreciate the value of alone time. While there’s often not much of it, carving out some time for myself each day is a critical part of my self-care practice.

Honestly, prioritizing a labor-intensive makeup application isn’t worth my while, and that’s why I love my quick and easy makeup routine. It leaves me feeling glowy and refreshed, and because of the quality ingredients of the products I use, they essentially double as skincare.

If you were to break down my quick makeup routine into four easy steps, they’d be:

  1. Apply light foundation
  2. Apply super-strength concealer
  3. Apply creamy blush
  4. Apply highlighter as needed
quick and easy makeup routine

Step One: Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40

You guys, I am obsessed with this serum. I use it as my foundation (for lack of a better word), but it provides a light and dewy coverage that gives your skin a plumping and smoothing effect. It also contains SPF 40, which is critical for daily use! Not to mention, it’s packed with skin-boosting ingredients such as plant-based squalane, hyaluronic acids, and more.

It’s super lightweight, and a little goes a long way! It keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day, too. I simply apply three drops on my forehead and cheeks and then gently blend in with my ring finger.

Step Two: W3ll People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer

Pre-baby I struggled with my dark circles. Now, they’re practically tattooed on my face. This multi-action concealer has coffee seed oil to help depuff, and pumpkin seed oil has a brightening effect (I’ll take all the help I can get, thank you).

To use, add a tiny amount to your ring finger and pat to blend underneath your eye. I find that it doesn’t crease like some other concealers I’ve tried.

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Step Three: Ilia Multi-Stick

This stick is so versatile; it’s a must-have in every makeup routine. I mostly use it on my cheeks because I’m usually a chapstick kind of girl, but thanks to the super-hydrating cocoa butter and sunflower seed oil, it’d be great as a lip, too! I use Lady Bird, which is a lovely, neutral rose color.

Simply add a small swipe to your cheek bones or lips and gently pat to smooth in.

Step Four: Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

I’m obsessed with this serum highlighter because it works quickly into the skin and gives a natural, dewy finish, and its ingredients help protect your skin from UV light and pollution. Thank you and more, please.

Sadly the shade I use (Nova) is currently sold out on Ilia’s website and isn’t sold on Follain, but there are two other great shades available. I promise you, it’s worth it!

To use, add a tiny amount (like a half pump) to your ring finger and apply to areas you’d like to highlight. I layer it on top of the multi-stick on my cheekbones and then apply to my brow bone and inner corner of my eye.

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Some important notes about my makeup routine

You may notice that mascara is missing from this list and well, that wasn’t an accident. To be honest, I’m kind of over mascara at the moment. It always ends up being one more thing to take off at the end of the day and I haven’t found a non-toxic one I really love. Any suggestions?

You’ll find that while the price of these products is higher than the average makeup, it’s with good reason. For one, they’re formulated with high-quality ingredients that are both good for you and your skin.

Also, a little goes a long way – you’ll get some significant mileage out of these products! Don’t overdo it, just a small drop or two (depending on the product you’re using) should be enough to last you all day.

Lastly, due to their skin-friendly ingredients, using this makeup can help encourage healthier, more even-looking skin. Who knows, you may end up with fewer products in your makeup and skincare bag after using the products I listed above for a while.

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