A Look at Music Therapy and Postpartum Depression with Mary Sperline

We know music is good for developing minds, but what about the potential positive impact on new mothers? We take a deeper look in this episode of You Time.

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047 | June 16th, 2020

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Music is a deep part of our world, but what is the role it can play in supporting a new mom during postpartum? Research shows that there can be positive impacts on a mother’s health and wellness when she chooses to engage in music therapy. If that sounds intimidating, it’s not.

Listen in to this week’s episode as Mary and I dive deeper into the power that music holds for mama and baby.

Music Therapy and Postpartum Depression

About Mary Sperline:

Mary Ardington Sperline is a health + wellbeing advocate and certified music educator. She graduated with distinction from the Royal College of Music London’s Master of Science in Performance Science program in 2017.

Mary currently teaches music to K-5 students at an elementary school in the Pacific Northwest. Her passion is making the healing power of music accessible for everyone, especially postpartum mamas. You can follow her on Instagram and learn more about Music for Moms at @marysperline.

Mary Sperline, founder of Music for Moms

Topic Covered

How parents can support teachers | 5:35

Impact of music on babies and new moms | 10:07

Helping mothers who need it most | 19:17

Practicing music therapy | 29:08

Mary answers: self-care questions | 38:55

Additional Resources

Check out the below for the tools and resources on music therapy and postpartum depression.

Music and Motherhood Project Information

Singing ‘speeds up’ recovery from postnatal depression (BBC News) 

How group singing facilitates recovery from the symptoms of postnatal depression: a comparative qualitative study 

Effect of singing interventions on symptoms of postnatal depression: three-arm randomized controlled trial

Music and motherhood: facilitating interventions for mothers and their babies

Singing Lullabies To Newborns May Help Beat Postpartum Depression In New Mothers: Study

Wiggles and Tickles Book

Research at the Royal College of Music


  • Wow, this is an excellent podcast with a lot of informative content. Postpartum depression has been worrying women all around the globe and never thought about music as a remedy until now. Music has its super healing powers that make all the difference in a listener’s life. It can pull one even out of the strongest depression.

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