The Modern Definition of Self-Love

Can loving yourself first positively impact the lives of others? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 010 | March 26, 2019


I had the honor to sit down with Me First founder Rosa Barney to chat about her unique and inspirational take on self-love.

Rosa lives in NYC where she is a model and self-love advocate who is spreading her message of why the idea of Me First isn’t selfish – and in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Me First is a platform created to inspire individuals to put themselves first and care for themselves on a holistic level. (Me First)

As you can imagine, Me First is about making real and transformational changes in the way we care for ourselves. It’s about shifting the way we view how worthy we are of love.

Join Rosa and me as we chat about what it’s like to love yourself in the modeling industry, how social media is messing with our heads, why self-love has the power to change everything, and so much more.

Topics covered

Rosa’s personal journey to self-confidence and self-love | 3:00

Playing the comparison game and how social media plays a role | 8:42

What inspired Rosa to create Me First | 12:20

How loving yourself first can positively impact those around you | 14:45

Rosa shares tips on growing your self-confidence and self-love | 20:09

Digging into the relationship of being addicted to work and self-love | 24:35

What transformational self-care means to Rosa | 28:47

How Rosa is working on her own self-care | 37:40

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