Carley’s Self-Care Picks for May 2021

A monthly series of self-care products I love that I am pretty sure you’ll love, too. Here’s what made the cut in May.

Every month you’ll find ten or so new self-care picks rounded up all in one convenient spot. You’ll find various products, including books, skincare, beauty, home, clothing, and more. Each item has been hand-picked by yours truly and is something I genuinely love and use regularly.

I hope you’ll love them, too. As always, keep an eye out for exclusive discount codes and savings. Enjoy!

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A fragrance that’s designed to help relieve stress and smells like the perfect combination of woodsy florals? Sign me up. The Functional Fragrance from The Nue Co. has quickly become a favorite between my husband and me. Its signature ingredients are designed to help you feel calmer and more composed within thirty minutes of use.

When sprayed, you’ll smell balanced notes of jasmine, palo santo, cedarwood, violet, musk, and more. I personally love anything with jasmine and palo santo, so this is a no-brainer for me to spray daily. I use it on both my clothes and bed linens as it’s not too overpowering.

Also, as many fragrances are filled with toxic chemicals, I love The Functional Fragrance (full review here) because it’s free from harmful parabens and phthalates, as well as hexane. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

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As someone with a sensitive stomach these days, the all-natural Stomach Reset from Hilma has been a game-changer for me. Within minutes of pouring the packet into a glass of water, my nausea eases, and I feel more like myself. Plus, thanks to its high-quality ingredients, the taste is delicious, too. Like really, really good.

I love that it only contains five ingredients – goji berry, amla fruit, coconut water, marine algae, and sea salt – and the individual packets make it perfect for on-the-go use any time your stomach feels queasy.

You can also use the packets for a seven-day gut reset to help balance and restore hydration to your digestive system. Personally, I use them as needed, and it’s been perfect for me.

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Lululemon Perfectly Oversized Crew

Honestly, I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t live in this Perfectly Oversized Crew from Lululemon and own three colors. It’s made from a soft, breathable cotton terry fabric that’s durable enough to live up to multiple washes (hello, I have a toddler) and lots of wear.

Personally, I love the new Cafe Au Lait color (pictured above), but I also have the Heathered Grey and a discontinued olive-ish green color. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but I like to consider cost per wear when splurging on a bigger item and tend to opt for more versatile neutrals.

Sakara Healthy Body Project

Every year, Sakara runs The Healthy Body Project to help encourage you to celebrate, nourish, and move your unique body. I especially love this year’s program because of the addition of the private support community.

When you sign up you’ll receive:

  • Four weeks of energizing Sakara meals
  • Two months of FORWARD__space movement studio
  • Curated wellness gifts from Bala and Sakara
  • Access to the online support community

It’s important to note that sign-up dates are quickly approaching (only three left!), so many sure to sign-up now to snag your spot if this is a program you’re interested in.

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Sakara Nootropic Chocolates

I’m not a coffee drinker, so these Nootropic Chocolates are an absolute must-have in my self-care toolkit. Just one a day gives me a burst of clarity and energy (that is so desperately needed these days) without a nasty crash or unwanted side effects.

Since they do contain 50 mg of caffeine and other potent ingredients like Lion’s Mane, make sure to not consume these anywhere near bedtime, or else you’ll be way too focused to fall asleep.

Sakara discount code image XOCARLEY
Bamboo Silk Eye Mask

This bamboo silk eye mask feels like such a treat when I put it on every night. It’s become a part of my bedtime self-care routine and helps block out any extra sleep-interrupting light that creeps in my bedroom.

I love that a small, woman-owned business creates this eye mask. Plus, it’s delicately hand-dyed and available in three different organic fabrics. Personally, I opted for the bamboo silk version. In addition to the eye mask, it also comes with a travel pouch and a lavender sachet to tuck in your delicates drawer or underneath your pillow.

Beautycounter Lemongrass Body Scrub

I’m not sure about you, but my dry, dull winter skin is taking longer than usual to hit the road this year. This Lemongrass Body Polish has become a part of my shower routine that I genuinely look forward to. It now lives in my shower next to my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. That’s how much I use it!

The raw cane sugar is infused with sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil, so it’s rich and hydrating for (tired) skin. And the lemongrass scent is uplifting and yummy without being too overpowering.

Cozy sheets are everything to me, and as we’re currently living in a rental house due to our major home remodel, I opted to buy some nice sheets to make this place feel more like our home.

While I’m 100% obsessed with the percale sheets from Parachute, I found these stone-washed linen sheets on sale and couldn’t pass them up after reading the rave reviews from hundreds of customers.

I will say, I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality. Some linen sheets can be scratchy or rough the first few uses, but not these. They get softer and softer each night and are so cool and breathable for warmer months. I do suggest washing them before using them, though.

If you’re stuck on what color to pick (there’s a few), I ended up purchasing “Fog,” and it’s a gorgeous, neutral color that would match just about any bedroom decor.

Ilia Skin Tint with SPF

Thanks to quarantine life, I hardly wear makeup these days. When I do, I always reach for my Skin Tint Serum from Ilia. Not only does it have SPF 40, but it is a skincare treatment and makeup product all in one, thanks to its super-hydrating and plumping ingredients.

You’ll find a range of colors on the Ilia website and a helpful tool to find your perfect shade. Also, trust me when I say that a little goes a really long way with this one. Just a few small drops on your cheeks, forehead, and chin will do.

Ilia Blue Light Protective Mist

I accidentally stumbled across this blue light protective mist while browsing the Ilia website the other day. I was immediately intrigued because I – like many of you reading this – sit in front of a phone or computer during most working hours and wasn’t aware of the harm that blue light exposure can do to your skin.

The mist is a three-in-one spray that’s designed to hydrate, set makeup, and defend your skin from environmental stressors. It has a slight lavender scent so it’s calming and anti-inflammatory. It’s light enough to spritz on throughout the day as needed, but I tend to use it in the morning as part of my skincare routine.

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