The Power of Learning How to Let Things Go

The conscious act of letting go of the people, outcomes, and situations that can cause us excess worry or stress isn’t natural – but can drastically improve your life. Discover how to let things go with grace and compassion.

Releasing what is out of our control or that cause us more harm than good can call in feelings of happiness, joy, and encourage a less-stressful life.

Learning how to let things go can come with many challenges, but I hope this post inspires you to take a look at where in your life you can finally surrender. For those who can’t let go, please keep reading.

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Why is it important to learn how to let things go?

Learning to release what’s not ours to carry can empower us to live a less stressful and more joy-filled life.

We often hold worries, fears, and concerns that aren’t of service to us in any way – causing us unnecessary pain and suffering. Also, at times, we hold unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others, that ultimately, can set us up for failure or disappointment.

I don’t share this to sound pessimistic, rather, to encourage you to discover the power behind learning how to let things go – to release your worries, fears, doubts, and perceived reality and trade it in for something much more supportive.

Imagine the positive shifts you could experience if you learned to no longer sweat the small stuff and knew when to release what wasn’t yours to carry?

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Five ways to help you let things go

Below are a few different tips to help you more easily embrace the idea of letting things go with ease and grace.

Keep in mind, like all new things; this practice requires, well, practice. Be patient with yourself as you learn to navigate this new way of living.

1. If you can’t change it, embrace it

Inspired by my mother’s favorite saying, this simple mantra is the perfect reminder to look at every situation and assess how much power we really hold when it comes to the potential for change.

If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change the outcome of the situation – think traffic, the weather, delayed travel – you’re currently in, work on shifting your mindset instead. Learning to go with the flow (instead of against it) in powerless situations can help you let things go and save your sanity in the process.

2. Tap into your sense of humor

When we become fixated on a specific outcome of a situation, relationship, or behavior, it’s easy to forget that we can’t control everything.

Tapping into the power of laughter will help you to navigate when things don’t go as planned and you’ll be able to let things go with a greater sense of ease.

woman with hands over her heart

3. Reassess what’s worth your energy

Believe it or not, not everything or everyone that you encounter is worthy of your time.

Learn to set healthy boundaries to support you in letting go of the people and situtations that are not in your best interest or are simply a drain to your energy.

Easier said than done? I encourage you to look at every situation or request with the discerning mindset of, “is this an equal energy exchange?”

If not, consider letting it go or move forward with the clarity that you’re intentionally giving something and expect nothing in return.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Piggybacking off of the above point, if something isn’t worth your energy and really isn’t that big of a deal after all, work on letting it go for good.

Learning not to sweat the small stuff can save you a lot of time, energy, and real estate in your brain.

Some common worries that you can work on letting go:

  • The number on your scale
  • What others think of you
  • How many likes you get on social media
  • Things that aren’t your business

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5. Leave room for mistakes

Releasing perfectionism and leaving room in your life for things to go “wrong” can empower you to let things go.

When you don’t expect absolutely everything to go as planned, you can work on creating a more realistic mindset around what worries and concerns can be released.

Why can letting things go feel so hard?

Learning to let unnecessary worries and anxieties go for good can often feel overwhelming or almost impossible.

Often, we hold onto these small fears because, in a way, they can bring us comfort and a sense of security. You might even find that worrying about the “little things” is an attempt to keep your brain occupied from another situation that you’re (unconsciously) avoiding.

Begin to create awareness of your thought patterns and challenge yourself to let go of one small worry at a time. Notice any resistance in your mind or body, and attempt to dig deeper to discover where it’s coming from or lives.

Why it's important to let things go


  • These are such great tips and I love how you ended with being aware of your thought patterns! Sometimes, I think that we don’t even realize the loops that we have going on in our own head that are feeding into negativity. We end up carrying that around without even realizing it unless we learn to be aware of our thought patterns.

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