Food and Self-Love: What No One Ever Told You

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Episode 004 | February 12, 2019


On this week’s episode of You Time™, I sat down with a friend and fellow Institute for Integrative Nutrition graduate, Lauren Chambers, and we got really candid about around how loving ourselves impacts the relationship we carry with the food we eat.

Lauren Chambers, So Fresh N So Green

For those who don’t know Lauren, she is the Certified Nutrition + Hormone Health Coach, Feel Good Food Recipe Blogger and Founder of So Fresh N So Green.

As a coach, her mission is to empower and inspire you to eat well and treat yourself even better so you can feel great and ultimately live your best life.The food we eat and the way we choose to love ourselves go hand-in-hand. This week on You Time, I chatted with nutrition and hormone health coach, Lauren Chambers of So Fresh N So Green. Lauren spilled everything you probably have on your mind when it comes to food, including:

  • Why diets don’t work
  • How you can finally make peace with food
  • Where to begin if you’re feeling stuck in your eating habits
  • What causes emotional eating
  • …and so much more

I find that Lauren’s perspective on our relationship with food is refreshing, honest, and thought-provoking. Not to mention, she empowers listeners to realize that making a life-long change when it comes to your health doesn’t have to be super complicated.

Also, you’ll hear Lauren’s thoughts on transformational self-care, and she gets vulnerable with what aspect of self-care she finds challenging.

Topics covered

Lauren’s story with food, chronic dieting, and her pathway to health | 5:14

Where to begin to make a change with food | 13:05

Awareness and how it impacts your diet | 17:39

The relationship between self-love and the food you eat | 22:25

Lauren’s view on using the word “cheat” when it comes to your diet | 27:00

Three tips/swaps from Lauren for improving your current food relationship | 32:19

What transformational self-care means to Lauren | 43:25

Where Lauren struggles with self-care today (we’re all human!) | 45:38

What’s next for So Fresh N So Green and how to connect with Lauren | 47:08

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