What’s Hiding in Your Natural Beauty Products

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The truth behind the clean, natural, and non-toxic beauty industry is eye-opening.

Episode 008 | March 12, 2019


From misleading marketing to a sneaky ingredient list to deceiving animal cruelty claims, it’s imperative to know what’s really in your beauty products – natural or not.

On this episode of You Time™, I sat down with Bare Me – an all-natural and zero mess face mask company – founder, Angie Tran. Angie’s work is dedicated to creating a face mask that genuinely walks its talk.

bare me beauty

Not only is she committed to using quality, natural ingredients for her products, but she has a passion for spreading awareness around what’s really happening in the beauty industry.

This episode is for: those who are interested in cleaning up their wellness and beauty routine and want to ensure they aren’t falling victim to sneaky marketing tactics or green-washing.

Topics covered

Angie’s journey with healing her skin | 3:00

The Dirty Dozen and your beauty routine | 6:40

The downfall of marketing and sneaky ingredient labels | 9:00

How Bare Me masks are different than other face masks | 12:42

Why ‘cruelty-free’ doesn’t always mean what you think it might | 24:47

What Think Dirty can teach you about the products in your home | 26:15

What transformational self-care means to Angie | 38:52


Learn more and shop Bare Me face masks including their newest mask, Superfood Elixir

Discover the current EWG (Environmental Working Group) Dirty Dozen list

Learn more about Think Dirty and download the app for iPhone and Google

Head to Leaping Bunny to learn about their cruelty-free certification process and standards for brands

Download Headspace to get started on your mindfulness and meditation journey

Read more about infants and prescription drugs

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