An Honest Look at Mental Health and Burn Out with Becky Lauridsen

Getting candid about mental health in our society and simple steps we can take to improve our overall happiness

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Episode 006 | February 26, 2019


On this week’s episode of You Time™, I sat down with a Licensed Professional Counselor and creator of IOME, Becky Lauridsen.

As someone who has used self-care to transform her life, Becky has an intimate look at the practices we hold and how they’re impacting our mental health and our overall happiness.

From the way that we create space for our own healing to the conversations we hold within our selves, Becky shares impactful tips for creating the happiness we are so deserving of.

Topics covered

When Becky hit her variation of a breaking point | 1:52

What you can do when you’re stuck in a burn-out rut | 6:10

How we, as women, are blocking our own happiness | 8:40

Three suggestions to break out of your comfort zone | 11:12

What is EMDR therapy and who benefits from this practice? | 25:43

Transformational self-care as Becky sees it | 34:44

The parts of self-care that Becky still working on | 39:00

Additional resources

Access Becky’s complimentary goal-setting worksheet as mentioned in the show! Also, learn more about her self-care services and how they can support you.

If you’re curious about the work that has helped my nervous system to calm down and re-wire (and stop my migraines), you can find a network chiropractic practitioner in your area. Are you local to Seattle? I go to Way of Life Wellness in Issaquah. Tell them I sent you!


Boundaries with Soul by Carley Schweet

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