Hear from Brooklyn-based mama, holistic health coach, and VP of Press and Partnerships at Sakara Life, Amanda Baudier, about how a health crisis in her late twenties turned her world upside down and encouraged her to turn inward to discover the power of self-care.


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EPISODE 023 | SEPTEMBER 10, 2019


Amanda Baudier had a sought-after job working as a partner at the Tao group – until her body (and soul) had decided enough was enough.

headshot of Amanda Baudier
Amanda Baudier, founder of Full Plate Full Cup

She shares her raw, real moments that inspired major change and how she is now living a life more aligned with her deepest values. She believes women can have it all, be it all, and feel damn good doing while doing it.


Amanda is the founder of Full Plate Full Cup, an online hub that provides tips and tools for weaving self-care into our busy modern lives.

Additionally, she is a Brooklyn-based mama and graduate of Columbia University. She began her career in the Hospitality industry and was formerly a partner at Tao Group.

To counterbalance her stressful, fast-paced career, Amanda dove into the world of holistic wellness, becoming a certified yoga & meditation instructor, Holistic Health Coach, and an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist.

Fusing her business acumen and passion for wellness, Amanda now serves as the VP of Press & Partnerships at Sakara Life.


What her self-care journey been like so far | 2:40

Untangling your self-worth | 11:28

Changing relationships to change your life | 15:35

Self-care for mom’s is not selfish – here’s why | 20:04

Getting honest about miscarriage | 27:27

The work of Full Plate Full Cup | 39:48

Defining transformational self-care | 51:35

The parts of self-care Amanda is still working on | 54:35



Are you feeling inspired by Amanda’s story? Connect with her on Instagram and follow along with her blog posts on Full Plate Full Cup for your dose of inspiration, wisdom, and realness.

Also, read more about Amanda’s miscarriage and learn how she continues to heal her mind and body from her unexpected loss.


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