Tuning Into Your Higher Self Meditation


This meditation is to be used at the fourth step, Recognize and Abandon Fear, on page 82 in Boundaries with Soul. Please follow along and resume your work when finished.

When we are listening to our higher self, fear does not exist. Fear can simply be our ego pressuring us into commitments, activities, and relationships that we wouldn’t normally engage in. When we are following our higher selves, our intuition is leading the way and gently guiding us towards what truly lights us up inside.

Abandoning fear is not always easy, but it is a crucial step to creating boundaries with soul. When we are operating out of fear, we will fall into our people-pleasing ways, yielding to every request that comes our way. Fear does not allow us to live a life that is aligned with our values and can create unnecessary anxious feelings and stress within our lives.

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