Listen in: My Birth Story + an Exciting Announcement

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Episode 039 | April 21, 2020

What’s new this week

Back from maternity leave, I’m sharing my powerful birth story with never-before-heard details of how that incredible day went down.

Plus, make sure to listen to the end for a very exciting announcement that is so near and dear to my heart.

Topics covered in this episode

3:30 | Envisioning the birth of my son

6:48 | …he’s still head up

11:00 | Going into pre-term labor

13:37 | Undergoing an external cephalic version

15:55 | “As long as the baby is healthy”

18:35 | Scheduled c-section emotions

24:45 | “You’re ruptured…”

31:10 | Meeting my son for the first time

33:55 | A huge special annoucement

41:13 | Where my business is going

Additional resources

Below are some helpful and more in-depth resources for this episode:

Discover Spinning Babies

Read more about my birth story (and see pictures!)


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